Korean 40" 4k monitors in the U.S

Hi all, I've been tempted by Korean 40" 4k monitors and have been trying to narrow down my choices. Thus far I have figured the AMH 409 or Wasabi Mango look best BUT I cannot find any on Ebay that are in the USA. They are all currently from Korea and the import fees or taxes are seeming to elude me on the site. For example, some say free shipping but I am not sure if that means import fees are included or not. If anyone has any advice or experience with recently purchasing one I would appreciate the information. Thank you

The price you pay on eBay covers everything. There shouldn't be any additional fees (assuming you are shipping to the US) once you checkout on eBay. It shouldn't take very long to get it in depending on the sellar you're buying it from. Mine took about 4 days from gnestore.

Thank you for the info. Out of curiosity, which did you pick and how has it been thus far?

I got an AMH 399U about a year and a half ago. It's been a good monitor, no defects, and I haven't had any issues with it. A 40" monitor does take up a lot of space though so I hope you have a big desk and can sit back from the monitor a little further than you would a smaller one.

I too have the AMH 399U and love it. I see no reason to upgrade to the newer Korean ones but if I was shopping for another I would be all over this forum and looking at the original TS video. I have it in the center with a Dell 24" on the left and a 27" NEC PA272W IPS 30 bit workflow (10 bit per channel) photo processing monitor. The AMH is my main monitor even though it lags behind the NEC in quality. The 399U lacks in connections and TV like utility. I can't get my DirectTV 4K set top box to work easy. I run it through the old Dell. I'd like PIP for TV and PC. A recognized brand that my DirectTV remote would work with would be nice too. Look at the newer models and reviews here on LevelOne.

Fortunately my desk is on the larger size. I am looking into the differences between the 399 and 409. It seems they are relatively sparse online at the moment.

Im wondering if it will truly be the replacement I am looking for though. I do not do a lot of AAA title gaming. More so the occasional game of rocket league, DOTA, stardew valley, and minecraft. I would like the resolution and size of it but the gaming performance is not the best it seams.

What is difficult in terms of connecting your top box?

Has anyone ordered a Korean 40" 4K in the UK? I want to get the Wasabi Mango UHD 400 but if I have to pay tax it'll be an extra £94.60 and possibly an £8 handling fee so I'd be paying £572.38 for a £473.00 monitor which might be enough to put me off buying one.