Korean 28in 4K monitor advice

Hey guys, just discovered these awesome looking Korean monitors and thus this site as well. I just wanted a bit of advice as to what to get.

I'm tired of working on my Macbook Pro Retina 15" Mid-2012 and wanted to up the size of the screen with an external. I know this computer is old enough to not be able to do 4K but I'm thinking of upgrading soon, either to a new top end Macbook or a Mac pro or such that can handle 4K.

The Crossover 289K (28in 4K) caught my eye as its reasonably priced compared to the next step up at 32in. Plus I've got limited desk space. I noticed a lot of the monitors being sold on ebay used a DVI-D connector and thus I couldn't really use my mac for those, which eliminated a lot of choices. This one however seems to accept a display port or HDMI 2.0 connection which would work with my Mac. I hope???

Also, I wonder if anyone had experience with using macs with these screens. I assume since my mac is too old I can just set it to a QHD setting or such and it should work ok? Hopefully at 60fps.

Actually I just bought it yesterday so I really hope it works haha. Please tell me it'll work. :)


Is the mac absolutely nessisary? as you could probably do a lot better for the money.

What kind of graphics does the laptop use? If it's intel check their site for the largest supported resolution.

do you have display port out? or HDMI out? If not you'd need a thunderbolt to display port adapter, dunno how much those cost.


Otherwise, aside from the korean ones, you'd want the LG 27" 4k IPS display with free-sync, they run at around $500

I know I could. Problem being I'm never happy with windows laptops and any desktop I build is problematic as I move so much. At least once a year to asia or back to the US. I literally live out of 3 suitcases, lol.

It has a Intel HD Graphics 4000 & NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5.
Mini Display and HDMI ports.

Now looking at the tech specs again I see it says it can handle 2 monitors external at 2560 by 1600 pixels. So ok whew.

You could always just run linux and make it like OSX, are you doing gaming on the laptop? because if you're going to be a modern macbook the cooling and GPU are probably going to be limited. What would you budget be for it?

GPU should be fine to handle the output, though if it has Nvidia optimius you might need to turn that off or something so it's not using intel's graphics for output

GeForce GT 650M
Display Support:
3840 x 2160Maximum Digital Resolution
Up to 2048x1536Maximum VGA Resolution

finally something worth looking at instead of those 40-42" overhyped 4k monitors. Except 6th post down, already a damaged screen.