Korean 1440p monitors

Never considered 1440p due to the price, but after seeing how cheap the Korean monitors are i'm really interested. The main problem is i'm worried about "dead pixels"... i've seen on some forums people have brought these Korean monitors and they are riddled with dead pixels. To make it worse they can't return it because it passed the dead pixel rating of about 5 dead pixel per quarter of the screen which i've seen on some Ebay sellers.

I might roll the dice and see if im lucky importing one but before I do, does anyone know a retailer in the UK that sells these cheap Korean monitors like X-star or any other Korean monitors with good quality samsung/LG panels?

Getting a new computer with an i7/i5 and GTX 780 so preformance won't be an issue.

Thanks in advance,

You can pay extra for a pixel perfect display. Most people are satisfied with their Korean displays, but most vendors do have a returns policy if you have a silly amount of dead pixels. I have heard of other individuals who were able to fix stuck/dead pixels. I can't recommend a vendor, personally. This is just what I have heard.

780 is very appropriate for 1440p. I would urge you to get 1440p with that kind of card. Don't waste it on 1080p.


Nixeus is a low cost option if you're worried about buying Korean.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Perfect-Pixel-FREE-EXPRESS-X-STAR-DP2710LED-27-2560x1440-Samsung-PLS-Glossy-/330932579690?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item4d0d1e6d6a Think I am going to pull the trigger on that for 30 bucks more than non-perfect. I already own the Qnix Q2700 the LG IPS version and I have no problems with backlight bleed or dead pixels. 

what is the chance of getting one with noticable dead pixel? and how long will these korean displays last?

I would suggest getting a nixeus Vue or a overlord monitor. That way, you'll at least have some kind of customer support. 

Green sum is a good sller supposedly

I'm in the UK, I can't really use American sites :l

After watching Logan's video on the X-Star DP2710 I pulled the trigger on it from the same seller (dream-seller) on ebay. It arrived today and here are some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/6lve7

I'm also going to make a seperate thread in this forum so more people can see this if they're interested.