Korean 1440p 60/96/120hz Frame overlap test

I don't have a proper CRT with me atm but I do own a 1440p Korean, I though I'd put it to the test and see how much pixel overlap there was at different refreshrates

here are the results...




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all shots taken at 1/250th shutterspeed.

60hz: Often 1 full frame on the screen followed or preceeded by another frame here is a perfect shot

96hz: One full frame with a shadow either in front of it or behind it. a 3rd ghost frame is seen quite often example

120hz: Same as 96hz but the 3rd frame is more pronounced and if you look closeley you can see a 4th frame still persisting

The one thing holding me off from the acer 144hz ips display. Hmm

Thanks for the shots NJM.

No chance it could be your camera picking up the multiple frames? All dependent on the exposer time of your camera.

Nope the camera sensor is only exposed for 4ms the frames are persisting longer than 10ms by the looks of it.

I took a test shot at 1/4000th   .25ms and no difference

Nice. We should make a database of these. I was surprised. The display I just got from Korea is an LVDS LG. I need one that has eDP though so I can build a hybrid freesync/gsync monitor. I am sure I can do it, if I can just find a 27" display that uses eDP and not LVDS. and I am sure in the plurality of monitors from korea at least one of them is eDP.. now to find it... 


I hooked up an old Sylvania f96 CRT...

It skips frames @ 120hz.....

cant be the CRT.. must be the video card. Its like the frame skip I encountered on both monitors simultaneously.. nope, can't happen, has to be video card related failure




CRT is hooked up onto the VGA

and korean is on the DVI.

Anything higher than 60hz the CRT skips frames (pic incoming)

I'll try them both on my r9 290 tomorrow but I need to get an adapter for DP>vga or hdmi>vga because the r9-290 doesn't have a native vga out

edit: [picture]

1/5th second. Running duplicated screen at 1600x1200 (res does not affect skipping) 96hz


Provided I take enough pictures so I don't snag a missed frame I can still technecally see how many fps faster the crt is compared to the LCD

If we could reach a point where people can build their own displays, That would be amazing. My BenQ I have managed to push to 75, 80 or higher and colour bitrate drops to 16bit. Guess this display is only single link. 

I do on one hand want to get gsync or free sync, However I dont like the idea of being locked to one brand over the other. If it was possible to grab LG's/Acer's 1440p 21:9 panel, clock it up to 144Hz (Which is technically over the theoretical maximum of current display port maximum though Acer has proven they can get more out of it) Grab some controller for the pannel that supports the new displayport standard yet also can have the gsync chip added somehow... I know in the future, free sync will likely win overall but I cant see myself buying a free sync monitor while I have a nvidia GPU.

Need to look into this more.

I can't get my CRT to cooperate.

I'm running it off of my r9 290 from a displayport to vga adapter.

This is what i get if I set it to 96hz... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ktWUwgDzE4

I'll try it on my friends 980 in a little bit, that way i can run it off of a DVI I>vga connector

can't get the CRT and the Korean to run simultaneously overclocked.

I give up. (for now)