Koodo, Need a new phone - Budgetish

Hello, my phone just broke and I need a new one TODAY.

My provider is Koodo so I have to choose from them, and I don't need any of the new flagship phones. I want one that is good but doesn't break the bank.

The only preferences I have are it has to be Android and rugged. i.e. hard to break.

Below is a selection of which phones I can go with, suggest away.


Thank you.

IMO, I don't think anyone should ever buy from carrier. I always buy outright and never regret it. If you have to go into a contract, and can afford it, get the S7. Really fast, amazing battery life, looks noice. If you can't afford it, go with the G4. Anything else on that list is not worth the price.

If you are fine with paying $450CAD outright, and waiting about a week for a new phone to come in, buy a brand new LG G4 Factory Unlocked from Ebay. Everywhere else sells them for $700+ outright, and the G4 is still a really good phone. Has warranty and everything.

You can also get a Sony Z3+ (it's a Z5, except cheaper) for $400CAD on Ebay. You can search up the specs. If I needed a new $400ish phone, i'd get the Z3+ because it's really fast, good battery life, and Sony is pretty damn good with Android updates (Z2 got Marshmellow).

Moto G 3rd gen

Moto G 3rd gen

Moto G 3rd gen

Moto G 3rd gen with a case

full disclosure: I own a Moto G 3rd gen and is the best phone I have ever bought and the only one I have ever paid for

so take that how you will

Snapdragon 410, 16GB storage, 720P display cringe

2 day battery life on light use (like me) (read a few dozen emails, watch a YT vid here and there)

expandable storage

and also


It's not one of the phones listed on the Koodo site, but have you looked into the Nexus 5X? I have one (and a long history of Nexus phones) and in my opinion it ticks the box on every one of your requirements. The phone is technically compatible with nearly all carriers (check with yours though) and I believe Google has them on sale right now.

It is on the Koodo site, but it's the 16GB variant, and are always overpriced by carriers because Google doesn't give bulk discounts on the phone because Google only makes like $20-50 on each phone. The carriers charge $100-$200 more than what it costs at Google Play.

True true. I guess I was thinking more about my "needs" then his :p

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in all fairness though, his carrier offers only the even lower spec 8GB model, with only 1GB of RAM

that is not worth anyones time unless you get expandable storage

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You can pick up an LG optimus G on the cheap now. 3 years old but mine is still great.

Believe me, I know it. My family has been with Sprint for 20 some years, and until my N5X I always purchased phones through them. So when I bought my N5 in 2013, I got stuck with the 16GB model for $150 more than it should have been. But this was back when carriers still subsidized phone purchases for contract users, so it evened out. After they moved to the 'lease or buy outright' model, I was beyond done with them.

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