Konami made a Metal Gear zombie game

What the hell konami. What happened to gaining user trust?

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I laughed so hard at that. xD

Jim Sterling is probably going to have a fucking day with this on Monday.

I will be honest, I was laughing at this more than I was cringing due to how absurd the whole trailer and premise was. Metal Gear Rising makes more damn sense than this crap. That being said, I will not buy anything from Konami after MGSV unless they made a complete overhaul as a company.

I will say, one of the characters shown literally looks like my avatar I used for MGSV, except that he is slightly less handsome.


This sums up my thoughts.

oh god please no.

Was Kojima really that expensive to let go? MGSV was almost perfect until the budget was cut!

I look forward to this as really I had nothing about Metal Gear that I liked before. I think I might like the last game they made if I played it and I think many people hated on that one so for me Konami is moving in the right direction. : P

For better or worse the Metal Gear Solid series is finished with MGSV. This is just another zombie game with a MGS skin. - it pains me to see the Fox Engine used for such bullshit.

At least the zombies aren't black like Resident Evil 5. We can play this until Black Ops 4 or Left 4 Dead 3 comes out.

I seriously thought it was a joke when I saw a picture of this on reddit.........

I just have no words.

He did... But i 101% agree with him.
Konami took one of the strangest weirdest unconventional gaming series, and turned it into the average zombie co-op survival game, like every other game and it's dog, and it's dog's squeaky toy.
That, actually sums it up pretty nicely.

Not really. Did Bandai Namco fired Miyazaki and turned Dark Souls 4 into a modern military shooter or something while i wasn't looking?

No, i really don't know what to expect from Japanese publishers anymore. In one hand we have Square, in another Namko Bandai and there is always Konami...
Can Japan just be normal for a change? Or is that too weird for them...
I'm sorry if i sounded rude or something...