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Kodi Tv show help


I have just started using Kodi to manage my cough… media libriary…

Itsa wokring great with ThemovieDB plugin to organise my films with little input of file name change.

However for my TV shows which some are more obscure and are not scrapable or its being a pain… lets say for example a popular space themed show by Disney appears perfect but a more obscure BBC show doesnt, I know you can much around with local db files to make it work but is it possible to have the TV Shows auto scrape but also the option to go in a manually edit and move them around. Cant seem to find this. Maybe another plugin?

One thing you can do for things that don’t scrape properly is if you manually search for it you can use the imdb number (tt12345 or whatever) to match it.

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Thank you, how to do I do this exactly? Do I input this into Kodi? Cant See where?

right click on the show and select information, down the bottom scroll across until you see refresh, select that and it will bring up an option to search manually

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Thank you! COuld I also ask you another question?

Some shows dont appear in Kodi despite being in the same path?
Is there a way I can manually foirce them to appear and give them artwork?

If you go to TV shows the first listing should be a back option, choose that, then go back again until you see an option called Files. Select that and you can browse your files, find whatever didn’t get added and right click on it and choose scan to library

Thank you so much, The Kodi interface is a bit weird to me at the moment, you have helped a lot! :slight_smile:

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