Kodi- Do you use it?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question in regards to Kodi, do you use it? Also, forgive me if it broaches the topic of piracy, but do you stream TV with kodi as well? I just got the software and an addon pack and I have no idea what to do with it. Thanks in advance for any help.

P.s, My goal with the software is to use it as a front end friendly gui to play my movies as well as shows and maybe stream live tv and DVR.

yes I do. Last I checked, streaming TV you subscribe to or OTA transmissions is NOT piracy. As long as you are not sending it to buddies over the net.

I use it on my raspbery pi to play music using the web interface from my phone (great for turning on music while I cook). I like it for playing movies as well. I haven't tried streaming TV but I've heard it works.

It reminds me a lot of Windows Media Center when it was on Windows 7. Kinda clunky though, but it would make it easier for my girlfriend to consume media; so I'd like to give it a try. Will search how to use this program; but any tips would be appreciated.

Use it all the time. Keep in mind ! This is not windows media player and that it is much powerful then that. Take your time and research what addons you need. You will have to learn how to config it properly.

what software and add-on pack are you referring to?

I have used Kodi to view live TV in the past but the experience IMO was just OK. I typically stay away from streaming TV because the quality is poor

Yeah. Kodi is a great choice for a media centre application. Try to install the fusion pack. It has a lot of unnecessary add-ons but all the essential for movies and tv shows are there. Good streaming qualities too.

The Ultimate add on pack... Not sure where it came from. Added a bunch of stuff to my various menus (video, pictures, etc)

meh, personally I stay away from packs like that because they can add borderline and/or illegal add-ons

Start with a fresh install and stick to add-ons from the official repo unless you know what you're doing

I've used it on Linux in the past. Was considering picking up one of these. KODI IPTV Openelec box

Started using it today and finally watching shows that been on the back log for maybe 4 years

I have heard of services like this and popcorn time and this just kinda pushed me over to see what PT was.

I can watch M.A.S.H. and all of the Anime on my list.

My mind is blown ATM.

My dad was talking to someone about 'Android boxes' in the pub, so I'm gonna put Kodi or similar on a RPi2 for his birthday with add-ons so that he can watch the Premiere League.

I have it on my fires tv stick. Used to use Genesis a lot. Haven't been on it much but tried a few days ago n i guess i have to update kodi, the addons or something because i couldnt stream anything lol

I used Kodi and it is one of the best media centers that have good streaming qualities on kodi addon.

I’ve got LibreElec installed on a little Asrock Beebox. And use it as a general media player, as well as a DVR with a USB TV card.

I think it’s awesome. I’ve even got it setup to automatically skip commercials!

3 year necro.