Knocking a drone out of the sky with an EMP cannon

Not hating on the hobby, but some people really cross a line when they strap cameras to these things and fly them across your backyard.

Couldn't find much online. Since you can't shoot down drones that are on your property using a gun and firing into the air probably isn't the best idea.

I guess you could just tell the authorities that it just fell into your backyard without disclosing the fact that you used a f-ing EMP cannon to take it down.

I was wondering about the legalities behind this.

I wonder what the FCC has to say about this
like if you point it at a cell tower

Unlike anti-drone shotgun shells, the DroneDefender is quite harmless to things that aren’t drones. It uses radio control frequency disruption technology to mess up the drone pilot’s ability to control the device.


so it jams 2.4Ghz wifi


If the drones lose control signal, don't they return home?

An EMP cannon would require lugging around a few 100Kg worth of capacitors.

Spear the bastards out of the sky.

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Fuck safety get me one of these ^ I'll take care of all the drones you can care to find.

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most shotgun rounds for bird or target would be safe to fire at drones. be sure to check state and local laws before unloading a tube in your potentially suburban neighborhood.

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Birdshot would be safe but it's still illegal almost everywhere to shoot down a drone even if it's on your property, as far as i know. I was considering some way to take it down without any damage to it and without any evidence of how it was taken down.

We're talking drones here. Not flying tanks.

You guys are doing this all wrong.

If you want a drone to leave you alone, just strip naked.

The video will be immediately deleted, and the pilot will never overcome the trauma.


There is a great and also very fun to watch defcon 23 talk on youtube:


Read on mobile, thought about exactly this video and wanted to post it here. You were faster, you get my +1.


Net launcher would be my ideal method.

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Just get yourself an eagle! No problem!

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