KMail not sending messages

Hi all,

So, I made the transition to KDE. With that, I’m trying to move to all Qt applications. It’s been a good experience so far, but the major hurdle I’m trying to jump now is to get KMail to send mail.

I’ve set up my address using the wizard, but it seems like it’s not even attempting to send. I’m getting no notifications of failure.

Does anyone have any experience with KMail?

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No, but I think KMail uses Akonadi; if KMail seems fine, it might be worth checking if the problem is occurring in Akonadi, or if Akonadi is running at all.

I haven’t used KMail myself though, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Execute from the terminal, you may find the error.

I checked that. No output.

7.5 Your mails are not being sent, without error messages

If KMail does not send mail without saying anything, the ‘agent’ responsible for dispatching the messages can be stuck. Of course, you need to ensure you have proper network connectivity for mail to be sent!
To remedy this, it might help to abort the current action and restart it. First, quit KMail by using KRunner (Alt-F2) or Konsole and typing: kquitapp kmail. Note that a normal Alt-F4 or File → Quit does not do the trick! Wait a minute, then start KMail again. Now start akonadiconsole using KRunner (Alt-F2) or Konsole. Go to the Mail Dispatcher Agent, do a right-click and abort the current action. You will most likely get some error messages popping up. Go back to KMail and choose File → Send Queued Messages. Now it might work. If not, instead of aborting the current action, try toggling the offline/online status of the Mail Dispatcher Agent or restarting things as mentioned in workaround 2 of the problem above this one.



That’s done it. Thanks, I guess I should RTFM once in a while, huh.

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