KM switch independent switching

I’m looking to buy the enhanced KM switch

I have the following use case:

Machine 1: windows PC
Machine 2: windows laptop
Machine 3: iPad Pro

  1. I need my keyboard and mouse to switch between machine 1 and 2, which this device can obviously do, with the included remote.

  2. I also have a USB DAC, which I need to sometimes be connected to machine 3, and sometimes to machine 1, and NOT follow the keyboard/mouse.

Would the “independent switching” feature of this product cover point #2?
How would this port swap be configured? Is it a series of keyboard or included remote control button presses, or would I need to write a script that sends serial port codes?

You can also setup keyboard hotkeys to switch without the need of the remote, or you can turn on the roaming option to have it auto-switch when your mouse goes past the border from one screen to the other.

Hm. Maybe @wendell might have more info on this part.

Any other inputs on the DAC?
My (simple) DAC can take USB, SPDIF and TOSLINK, which means I switch it instead of have it switched.

Unfortunately not, just USB input…

Reading the Technical Information Thread, looks like this should work just fine over serial port?

To permanently move DAC to Machine 3:
K = 3
U = N ( Where N is USB port that the DAC is on )

To permanently move DAC back to Machine 1:
K = 1
U = N ( Where N is USB port that the DAC is on )

And then, when I swap between PC1 and PC2, KB/M should move between them normally, since those ports are set to keep following.

Could @wendell confirm this is indeed how this works? I can’t find any other information about this item, and I want to be 100% sure before ordering.

The usb3 move as a group but move independent of the hid in this scenario. Yiu generally should not use devices that require a driver in hid.

While tjis might work for tour use case it also might not and id avice against it for “real world usb doenst like working this way” reasons. Otoh im sure our usb stack is the best in the biz but thst doenst necessarily mean itll work as youre imagining