Kioxia CM6 7.68TB U.2 NVMe SSD on Windows 10

I purchased a Kioxia CM6 7.68TB U.2 SSD a few months back and I recently purchased an adapter to PCIe. Upon installation, I noticed that in disk management the capacity isn’t shown and there’s no volume to format.

The drive shows up in my AsRock Z87 OC Formula BIOS under NVMe Configuration (but it just lists the drive’s model number).

Diskpart in cmd shows it has 512 B in size and like -1370000 something free which is weird; it does show up in Device Manager.

CrystalDiskInfo also shows incorrect size like 4 PB which is wrong as well but the SMART stats show it is healthy and new (like only 4 hours on time which is the amount of time I was running it to troubleshoot).

I found an anandtech forum post about a Samsung PM1723b and the solution was to use Linux and nvme-cli; apparently the issue was related to LBA format. But I figured I’d ask for some help to see if I can do this in my current Windows 10 PC. Thanks.

Sounds weird but it may be that it is already formatted in a FS that MS Windows does not understand. I would boot up a live distro and check it out with fdisk.