Kingston HyperX 3k slow Write Speed

Hey guys,

A month or so back I noticed my computer's boot time was slightly longer. Not anything extreme, but probably 2-3 seconds extra. Curious, I ran a few benchmarks and got what I consider conflicting results. 

Here are my results for Crystal Disk Mark

Crystal Disk Mark

Both the read and write speeds are below the 555 MB/s and 510 MB/s promised on the box, but the write speed seems especially low. 

Next, I used Atto Benchmark


Now I really don't know how to read these results, but on the last test the transfer rates are pretty much exactly to spec. So, are one of these benchmarks wrong or am I misunderstanding something here? I don't know a lot about ssd's and hard drives in general so this could be a stupid question. Thanks for the help.

Well you'd never probably see the results that it says on the box.

That being said slow write speed is usually a result of TRIM (garbage collection) not working properly. 

Open up command prompt and type fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify and hit enter. If 1 comes back then TRIM is off if 0 comes back TRIM is enabled.

What capacity drive are you using

I have a 128GB 3k (75% full) and I get 422MB/s read and 150MB/s write... you're not alone

I received a 0 back.

It is 128 GB and has 45.3 gigs free.