Kingston HyperX 3K on sale through Amazon

Amazon has bumped the 120GB version down to $90 and the 240GB version down to $180. If you were waiting to pick up an ADATA drive I'd suggest you hop on this. $25 less expensive, as opposed to just $15, and sacrificing only 8GBs of storage. If you were looking for an SSD on either level this is pretty damn good deal unless you're going to wait and try to pick one up during the holiday rush at the end of the year. No indication of how long the sale or how long their stock will last.

And Prime Eligiable!? Free 2-day shipping!! :D


... too bad I don't have $90 to spare :( I'd love to upgrade my 60GB OCz Agility III. It's really slowing down.

Damn - that's a good deal.  Or you can get the 60G for for $90 too!  Oh, wait a minute...