Kingston HyperX 120GB dead after 5 months

So the story goes a bit like this. I get home from school today and fire up my computer to check for emails. After pressing the power button Everythings fine, the MSI logo shows and then I get to the dual boot menu. I have ubuntu 12.04 and windows 7(windows is on ssd and ubutu is on hdd). so I go to select windows and  then the MSI logo logo shows up agian as if i rebooted.

I unplugged the ubutnu drive leaving only the windows ssd. After rebooting and going through the bios and checking to make sure my mobo recognizes  that my ssd is there I saved and rebooted and this time skipped the bios to give windows a chance to load.

Now this is where my knowledge ends.

I got  a message saying" error:(imagine alot of numbers here) press any key"

and so i did this about three more times until i lost hope. And know I come to you, citizens of tek syndicate, asking for any useful advice on my situation.

and yes i tried different sata ports they all work just fine.

p.s. Im using the ubuntu drive to type this

also when i got this drive it came with a 3 year warranty, so you could imagine my annoyance with it only lasting 5 months.

Thank you

also i never did any heavy writes to it and then wipe it repeatedly (i know that kills ssd's.)

Reinstall the OS. If that doesn't work, RMA it.

shit that was my last option but alright


do you see the drive in the linux file manager?

if you see it and it looks about right then it could just be corrupted system files

yes  linux sees the drive


when you mount the file system does it look pretty much like a C:/ drive looks, sounds like windows system file issues, maybe you can fix it with a windows repair disk, maybe it's easier to just reinstall, a bad drive could have caused the corruption, but most likely it was caused by something else

I'm not the only one then.  My Kingston died after a brief four months.


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