Kingston Hyper 3K

I remember the Tek highly recommending this SSD for a while. They are 86 bucks on amazon right now for the 120g, and 150 for the 240 with Watch Dogs. Is this still one of the better drives for around this price or should I look at something else?


Definitely worth considering.

Additional SSDs that I believe are worthwhile:

Thank you! I'm trying to keep the cost around 80 bucks. This helps.

While 120GB is good, it's only enough for the OS and a couple of choice games. If you want to run games like Skyrim with lots of mods, I'd recommend a larger 250GB drive. This Corsair drive was released quite recently:

256GB, MLC NAND flash, for $120-130 is good value for money.

I have the 240GB HyperX 3K and I am loving it. I also installed two of those 120GB one's into RAID0 for my friend and that machine boots up stupid fast. 

So this is not a sellout from Logan. Or if it is, its still forgiven since the drives are awesome.

Don't raid slow down the boot time because of the raid screen?

Raid 0 doubles your bandwidth, resulting in theoretically 2x more speed than 1 drive...

Much better SSD's for the money out there, besides Kingstons warranty as fucking awful. Try MX100

Yes, the Intel raid screen slows the boot time by one second or so but because the actual raid its still faster to boot by a tiny bit. But then again the advantages are huge while in windows.