Kindle Ad BS - How To Remove Them

So I recently bought a Kindle Voyage. I haven't really read anything in a long time, so getting something new I thought would help me get back into reading.

I'll just start off by saying I love the device itself, BUT there are ads (referred to as "Special Offers" by Amazon). I used it for about a week before it really started getting to me. Why, when I paid full price for the device, plus I have Amazon Prime, plus Kindle Unlimited, do they still feel the need to put ads on my damn Kindle? I was starting to get really tired of seeing half naked men on the cover of romance novels as community-recommended books every other time I started up the device. All I read are sci-fi and fantasy, so I don't see how this was in any way relevant advertising.

So I fiddled around with the settings and was able to turn off some ads, but I was still getting a big ad as my startup screen, along with the ads on the bottom of the home screen. I did some more research and it turns out that you can disable all the ads in your settings on Amazon's website, but there's a catch. According to Amazon, the normal $200 is actually a "subsidized" price and in order to remove ads completely I would have to pay the difference, which was another $20. I was literally about five minutes away from returning it today, but I decided to call Amazon's customer service and see if there was anything they could do about it first.

Start screen after messing with settings, but before having customer support remove ads:

Home screen. Not as obnoxious, but still annoying having the ad at the bottom:

It was so much easier than I thought it would be. Here's about how the conversation went (skipping the initial conversation where they got some info from me to verify who I was and then transfer specifically to the Kindle support department):

  • ME: Hi, I'm just wondering if there is any way to get rid of the ads without having to pay the extra $20. I find it kind of silly that even though I paid full price for the Kindle, plus Amazon Prime, plus Kindle Unlimited, that I'm still getting ads.
  • Her: Oh ok, let me see if I can help you with that. What kind of Kindle do you have?
  • Me: It's a Voyage.
  • Her: Walks me through the steps to disable as many ads as possible in settings. I had already done it, but I followed along just in case I overlooked something. Did that make any difference?
  • Me: No they're still there.
  • Her: Oh ok. Can you please hold one minute?
  • Me: Sure, no problem.
    About 30 seconds later, bottom ad bar disappears from home screen.
  • Her: Can you please restart your Kindle and let me know if that solved the issue?
  • Me: Ya, thank you, I saw the bottom ad disappear already. I'll restart it.
    No ad on start screen. No ad on home screen.
  • Her: Did that solve your problem?
  • Me: Yes, thank you very much!
    Normal goodbye stuff.

The final products.

Start screen (different image each startup, but no ads):

Home screen:

I don't know if this is really a big deal to anyone else, but to me it makes a significant difference. Having all the ads just feels really cheesy, distracting, and shouldn't be necessary at all.

Disclaimer: I have read on some forums that even if you call customer support they will still try to charge you to remove all the ads. I happened to get an extremely helpful rep and I'm very glad she was able to solve the issue with no drama. There was no arguing. She didn't even mention the fee. She just fixed it and that was that! I'd say it's well worth the try if you haven't already.

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It sounds like you got the subsidised version that has ads. There are two versions a full price one and cheaper one with ads.

If that's the case that's good that they removed them without cost, though they tend to do that if you don't take the piss with them.

Ya that's exactly what it was.

The issue that I have with that is none of that is explained before you buy it (at least not from Best Buy), so I had no clue there was even another option until after I started researching how to remove the ads. I read several reviews before buying because I was debating between the Paperwhite and Voyage, but I never noticed any mention of the subsidized thing. If I would have known beforehand I would have just bought the ad-free version and not had to go through any of the trouble, but it wasn't well-advertised at all.

Oh I can see why it would be missed if you got it from best buy. On Amazon it's fairly easy to see.