Kim Dotcom not a criminal to NZ Public

Well it seems that here in New Zealand we look to Kim Dotcom as a Hero, He was guest of Honor at an annual Chrismas light up in Auckland alog side of the Mayor, We're even gonna let him buy the $30,000,000 house he is living in... Look out FBI I think He's here to stay :P

Kim Dotcom attends the turning on of the Franklin road lights ceremony. Photo / Neville Marriner


Chrismas Lights

House article


Right on, brothers.

Video to the story.

All he did was provide a valuable service to the public. I thank the gods that I didn't have any original files stored on Megaupload aside from a few band demos and stuff.

Every day the FBI look more and more stupid over the whole MegaUpload mess up.

You are sticking it to the man in style, Kim.