Kim Dotcom loses bid to access his documents of evidence

So, the big guy and his legal team lost a key power to fight his extradition charge against the US; his documents containing evidences against the US legal team. These documents are currently being concealed with the US guys and The Supreme Court of New Zealand said that the opposition doesn't have to give up the documents to Dotcom and his lawyers.


In case of the future, does anyone in the states want him around or should he stay on our land?

I can't see anybody making a legitimate case for less evidence being beneficial in the pursuit of justice & the truth.

So this leaves the conclusion that justice & the truth aren't the goal of this endeavour.

It's going to be interesting what the next move of Dotcom is going to be, so far he's shown a remarkable talent for fucking with the powers that be and getting away with it.

I kinda don't understand the motivation of the US, for going after Dotcom, killing Megaupload only caused a tiny momentary fluctuation in the distribution of unauthorized copies.

And the narrative of: Dotcom had many illegitimate copies of movies on his service, therefor the US send in special forces with helicopters to his house and in addition fucked over everybody with legitimate files on megaupload. Makes the US look like a bully who has lost the sense for reality & proportionality.

This _ is _ SPAR....     no wait    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!

The "battle against online-piracy" (without any ships or eye-patches involved ;p) has largely been meaningless. Because looking at the statistics, the amount of unauthorized copying is correlating with technological availability, computer literacy & income.