Kim Dotcom is officially BROKE

Kim Dotcom is now officially BROKE. He has spent over $10 million in his legal defense (not to mention the cost of living a flamboyant lifestyle). Kim also reports that he no longer owns any stakes in MEGA, instead it is owned by is ex-wife

This information was revealed in a recent interview. Dotcom says it is likely that they will take advantage of his lack of funds to revoke bail in his next court ruling.

He also requests: "If I go back to jail, send me cards ... cards with photos of cats on [it]."



Lame tactic, Kim. Ten million is pocket lint in your rarely worn gym shorts. 

They will find your loot, wherever its buried. You're doomed. 

we need to start a go fund me for kim.

Riiiight...and I'm officially a billionaire.

I have no sympathy for rich twats that can afford a $24 million mansion but can't handle $10 million in legal fees. I'll leave you with the tidbit of advice I constantly receive whenever I ask people to help fund my education..."get a job!"

If only for anarchistic reasons I want to see Kim win this whole deal. Just a real fuck you to the mad people who think they own the Internet.

Gives to ex-wife, instantly broke, lul. GJ protecting yer assets! Almost as cool as a guy declaring bankruptcy before getting sued!

What if it were someone with a 24 thousand mortgage and 10 thousand in legal fees? 

Are you being serious? If so...

At that point, it's different. You don't need a $24 million mansion. With $24 million, I could take $1 million and live comfortably for around 25 or more years (especially if I supplemented it with a job).

This is common sense. There's no point in splitting hairs.

It's not that I want to see the guy go under. That's not what I'm saying at all. It bothers me when millionaires pull the "I'm broke" card. When they do that while living in a luxurious mansion, that tells me they have absolutely no idea what poverty is like.

hahaha! yeah right! there cant be so many hooker on NZ so there is always a market for BJ's :P

joking aside his mega has launch and there are alot of users.