Killing my console build help!

Hey this is my first post and i am going to build a PC to kill my console.

I am getting pretty sick of the console restrictions and the fact that they don't hold much value to me as a gamer anymore. I was hoping that the community could take a little time to help me with the transition, i like to follow what happens in the world of tech but i don't have much experience in building and balancing parts.


I have a budget of £600 for components i already have a monitor and peripherals, if i could get a few build suggestions it would be much appreciated.

What types of games do you want to play? 

I play all types of games from Metro Last Light to FTL i know for that amount of money i wont be getting max settings on every game i was just looking for a rig that has a good price to performance for games for £600.  This should handle everything you throw at it.  

Eh, dunno how that CPU will like the motherboard.  Should work, if you don't overclock.

Trimmed here and there to get you closer to your budget without compromising performance.