Killing floor 2

im a medic, lets play

To the point, I like it. Thursday.

about to hit lvl 10

Wish i could, but money issues.

I have Killing Floor (original) if anyone wants to play?

I hear this new one is in Paris (France) which worries me some because I liked the London setting of the original.

I'd love too when i get home from work. You up for it in a few hours?

Sure, I'll be on for the next 6 hours.

whats your steam URL?

I want it so bad, but i have to wait till i get paid next week >.<

Best me add you as it's private.

@Kat you can play Killing Floor original with us too. Maybe @Kiaxa will want a game?

Get a good group of us and it'll be great.

Once I get KF2, sure

We are playing Killing Floor 1, not Killing Floor 2 :)

Here's mine. i can get on KF1 right now if you want.

That's @awizzardsgizzard

I got to the point were I don't aim often in KF1 and almost always head shot everything. In KF2 it's about an inch to the right and down a bit on my monitor so I'm having to aim just to hit things with the shotguns. I'm missing things at point blank range with the shotgun, I find it funny when I'm playing.

me steemy is my username

if anyone in australia is going to get KF2 because I'm going to pay out the ass to get it which will be 40 bucks for me to get it and i am going to get it soon. My steam name is mehdont and the DP is a Terra Brandford sprite from final fantasy 6 snes

just out of curiosity,
what the fuck is the point of making your steam profiles set to private?

the NSA. lol

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