Killer OTT Pc Build

Well i'm building a new PC which will have eyefinity at some point in the near future. Maybe even 4k. So i'm building a beast for gaming, photography, film and design. I will be using the radeon 295x2 and yeah my budget is around 2000 UK pounds and i have this: I just wanted your thoughts! maybe switch that GPU with a 780ti and I7 4960 and 2011 socket Mobo? I can't decide:'(

Unless you are doing heavy video editing/rendering, and need enormous amounts of ram I wouldn't suggest a 2011 socket Mobo. The 295x2 would be better than the 780ti if you are doing multi monitor gaming, since it will have more memory bandwidth, and power. I suggest grabbing some case fans to stick in that 760T to keep this beastly rig cool, because even with your CPU on water, and the GPU on partial water, the GPU will still be pumping heat into the system and having solid airflow throughout the case will increase the lifespan of your parts. The fans don't even have to be turned up, just enough to push the air around the case. Install more intakes than exhausts for positive pressure to prevent dust buildup as well.

Yeah, my video editing isn't major so I will stick with the 4770k , the case has two 120mm front fan spaces so I will put the intakes there , I'll make use of the sabretooths small fans to combat dust too , I couldn't resist the 295x2 , was tempted to get the OC version just for the briefcase it comes ! But waste of money as it wasn't much of an overclock. Thanks for the reassurance, just want everything perfect for the build !

yeah, its pretty sweet. Make sure you post your setup in the Post your Battlestations thread so show off this sexy hardware.

I will do! Will be a month or so as I have some work to do, I'll keep the red and black theme by adding some LED's and maybe decal the white case. It will be my pride and joy!