Killed my console with passion!

Today after 7 long year's with my Xbox 360, upgrading to the newer flashy console's when ever available and recently purchasing an Xbox One, i say goodbye for good!!

I decided to sell my two console's and dedicate my gaming addiction purely to PC. Ive alway's owned a gmaing PC but it never took off, and now after my recent purchase of the Corsair Obsidian 900D Case and 2 ASUS GTX 770's im glad to be shipping my console's along with all their game's and accessories' to another family! 

With the mass persuasion from Logan - Wendell and Qain i have finally dedicated myself to PC!
Thank-You Guy's! 


Congrats! Hopefully you grabbed the 4gb models of the two 770's. Also, that is a MASSIVE case for a first build...unless you needed all that space.

Mot, The 4GB of vRAM is almost pointless, 3GB is easily enough for those cards. Let alone 4GB on both cards, that's more memory than any single card on the market.

vRAM is grossly overrated.

770's only have 2gb and 4gb models. And no, Vram is not overrated.

Congrats Bro! 

I bought my PC 4 months ago and I just "took off" with it recently ..Why?

Because my friends are there and I just rushed into PC gaming with loneliness :(

I hope that they'll find the right way someday :)

4GB 770s are useless. The 770 doesn't have a large enough bus to access that level of memory. So it just bottlenecks that 4GB.

Good to see you're really excited about PC gaming. Check out the PC exclusives thread if you need too

We don't really know if 4Gb will be useless in the future. Besides, PC is advancing so freakin' fast, 1440p gaming will be the new standard before you know it.

Nice machine man. May it serve you well until the day of AI reckoning.

I think you're just trying to make me feel bad.

Actualy the only time GTX 770s with 4gbs of vram make any sence is if you are going to SLI them as he is going to do.

Cards in sli or crossfire use the ram of the individual card thay dont add up 2gb+2gb is still 2gb of vram and when you start going up to 1440p 2gbs isent a lot (you shude be going higher than 1080p with 2 770s)

Don't worry Brennan. 4GB may not be useless in the future, he is correct in this much. However, you need not worry. The GTX 770 does not have the power to utilise the 4GB of vRAM, even if it would be useful. Therefore, there is minimal point in the 4GB of vRAM.

Also, to Mot, I agree vRAM is important, just many people think it is a much more important statistic in mid-lower high tier cards than it actually is.

Oh, and by the way Sifa, I have parts for my first PC in the post too at the moment. Maybe we can play together sometime, it would be epic to learn PC together.

Nah this isn't my first build; ive had a PC built for a while now, since i first watched Tek and Linus on YT. But it was nothing fancy, it was quit literally a 660CUII i5-3330k and 8Gb of 1333 Mhz so after a lot of contemplating my gaming future and saving my coin, i have finally made the 100% switch! ah 
Yeah when i first brought it i had never seen one in person, so to me it was simply video's and pictures of the 900D that i was looking at and judging from...
Until a few day's later after purchase that i received a phone call from my local delivery company telling me that the box is to large for them to deliver and that i will have to collect it from their warehouse...that's when my worries' began  ahaha 

But it's lovely to have so much room! I can quit literally put my head inside the case and both hand's in order to work on it, haha! 

Today i ran some benchmark's with the 2 X 2GB ASUS 770 Direct CUII Edition in SLI i was getting 60 FPS throughout the entire first mission on Crysis 3 - High Quality Setting's and all Filter's on at 2560 x 1440.
ARMA 3 (Roughly 10Min's into training) 71-73 FPS on Ultra Setting's with all Filter's and x16 Shadowing again at 2560 x 1440 

I also tested Borderland's 2 on Ultra High Setting's with all filter's maxed out and was getting 120-121 FPS during the most intense fight i could get at lv 38. 

Im pretty bloody impressed with what ive built, and living in Australia it was really expensive, but now that i have a base built, it's going to turn more into a personal project to upgrade over the next few year's. 

-- Also with the help of the Tek i managed to turn my old i5 3330 and 4 x 2TB Caviar's into a personal home server --

Thank's everyone for replying!!  

Yeah id love to! ?
Do you have a Steam ID yet?  

That was my biggest concern, is that i know the PC Community is stronger anonymously rather then XBL/PSN where people are more prone to talking...  

I literally have 1 mate on PC and he doesn't have a headset with a working mic, so at the moment im still a loner, haha  

Thank's Dude!! 

- Well as new technology arrive's and become's more available and affordable to me (seeing as i live in Australia)  then ill be upgrading, but until then im happy with what i have. I've now had the rig up and running (successfully) for 3 day's now, and with both ***2Gb*** 770 CUII in SLI im getting brilliant frame rate's with all 2012/2013 game's i tested sitting on 60FPS or above and older game's easily surpassing 100FPS!

For example i tried MC for the lol's and was getting 482-485 FPS! Haha