Kill your console richland build

hi after my old pc died and was too old to upgrade i decided  to build a new pc so after watching the tek i liked the look of a cheap system to do some gaming on  so this is my amd a106800k apu build 

asus f2a85-m pro motherboard

phanteks ph-tc12dx cpu cooler

kingston hyperx beast 8gb 2133mhz dual channel

a10 6800k richland

corsair cx500m psu

corsair ls 60gb ssd force-3

seagate 1tb hard drive

fractal arc mini case

cheap dvd drive

amd radeon hd 6670 dual graphics

if any one want to know any think about my apu build just let me know 

Wow looks cool! I am slightly jealous and even more motivated to build my own system! My I ask how much this cost approximately? And which version of Windows are you running?

hi it was about £450 but all ready had the amd radeon hd 6670 and am ruining windows 7 64bit but runs even faster on windows 8 

Is 8 gig ram enough? I have 8 gig and a dedicated video card and have seen the max at about 7 gig used while playing the bf4 beta.

think so all my game iv played use about 4 to 5 gig i cart get bf4 beta to run on mine cart get past the loading screen