Kill your console 2013?

Many weeks ago back in july (I want to say Tek 66) you mentioned that you were going to do a new 'Kill your Console' low budget build for 2013, is this still coming or should we just eliminate all hope for anything you mention that you will do in the next X amount of time? :P

I think it is worth waiting to see the true performance results of the new consoles. Right now, we have different measurements of their graphics processing power, like FLOPS. However, it doesn't give us the whole story, we don't know what consoles are truly capable of. I'd like to see a cheap gaming PC for 2013, but a kill your console isn't going to be relevant until later in the year.

With AMD price drops and their new cards coming soon, we are getting closer to kill your console again. Even though it costs more for the same system now, the PC is still a better platform, it can do far more than gaming.