Kill My Console #3

Hey guys! i want to switch from console to pc and i have been watching a lot of builds by tek syndicate.

i want to build a BitFenix Prodigy in Green computer that will allow me to play all the newest games, i dont need to play on the highest settings, and i want the build to cost around 500-700$.

i want to have lots of USB 3.0 ports and i don't wanna have to worry about my system overheating. i also would like it to run as quietly as possible. 

i was thinking about using an SSD in the build and then using a USB 3.0 external hard drive for most of my storage.

i tried configuring a build of my own but i cant stay on budget.

any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated.


I would go with the FX 6300 and get either the 7850 or the 7870 for the gpu. Or just wait until the R series graphics cards come out. Crucial Ballistix 8gb 1600mhz ram, The MSI 970a g46(Crossfire & SLI) or g43(Crossfire), and an NZXT Source 220(USB 3.0). For the hard drive you can get a 128gb ssd for around 90 to 100 dollars. With the 7850 you will spend about 550 dollars(w/o the external hard drive), and with the 7870 it will come to about 600. You can get a 60 dollar water cooling kit from corsair if you want to overclock but that is as good as it gets on a budget.

when is the R series graphic cards coming out? also could you create this parts list on that would really help me out to see it in front of me

I've been on this configuration for you and its very solid. The case that you are set on, BItFenix Prodigy, looks amazing but has a few drawbacks that you need to know about before you plan a build around it, such as Power Supply clearance, front fan and drive configurations, and heatsink height. I've taken everything into consideration and have put together this build for you under $700.

Here is the link:


Intel Core i3-2120: For gaming, this is budget friendly and will do the trick.

Silverstone NT07-1156: Its nice and low profile. Quite Quiet

ASROCK H77-ITX: Its got USB 3.0 onboard and is overclockable

Crucial Ballsatix: 1600 is a perfectly acceptable speed and we've got another slot if you need to expand

Kingston HyperX 3K: I have this drive myself. If you've been watching Logan, you know what to think

MSI 7870 GHz: Power for the Price. It will haul through games for a long time to come.

BitFenix Prodigy (Green): Well......its your choice so umm yeah. That's why a chose it

Corsair CX 500W M: Semi-Modular. It will fit in the Prodigy. 500 Watt is enough for this setup and upgrades


Any feedback from you would be great to hear!



I though he wanted a Prodigy, AKA_Nameless?



The R series is coming out in Q4


what kind of games will i be able to play on this build? and on what settings?

can a 4 core cpu play somehting like battlefield 4? and is 4 gb of ram enough or will the frames per second be low?

also i dont know what overclocking is or how you do it could you explain that to me

also can you explain what the drawbacks of the prodigy mean in regular terms?

im very new to all this vocab any feedback will be very appreciated! :)

A i3 is not a 4 core cpu is a dual core with hyperthreading.

You will be much better off with a FX6300/FX8320 for battlefeald 4 the game can utilize and use 8 core's or threads.

Allso there are no m-itx AM3+ mobos that fit in to a BitFenix Prodigy there are only intel mobos for it.


what is an itx am3+ mobos?

Question #1: Any games really!

Question #2: Depends on the games but with games today from Ultra to High

Question #3: It will be able to push Battlefield 4. Due the budget and the Prodigy (I'll answer the Prodigy question in a second)

Question #4: 4GB of RAM will be fine for know but a definte upgrade in the future (or now if you want to spend alittle more)

Question #5: A lack or speed of RAM won't affect performance very much

Question#6: Overclocking is basically making your CPU and GPU run faster (Go do some research but its extremely easy) 

Question #7: The case you chose, Bitfenix Prodigy, is a great little case but there is a problem. Its little and the green version you want only can fit a certain type of motherboard, Mini ITX. The reason is a minor problem is that:  A) There are no AM3+ socketed Mini ITX which means no good AMD options.  B) They are more expensive.


My hand hurts...


AM3+ is a certain type of socket where CPUs fit into. AM3+ specifically is only for AMD FX series of CPUs

Mobo = Motherboard


well i really like the look of the prodigy and i have seen a couple different builds with it i really like that it has handles and that it is compact maybe you have a suggestion of a better case for me that will mean i wont have to use a mini itx mobo so that i can have an amd. i like how roomy the prodigy is even for being a smaller case. i like handles for carrying and transporting my build, i would also like a window if that doesnt make the build too expensive what are your suggestions throwing the prodigy out of the equation?

If the Prodigy is worth losing some horsepower go for it, Its your decision but there is a new version called the BitFenix Prodigy M. Its the exact same on the outside but the inside is able to fit a Micro ATX size motherboard. That means we can fit the motherboard with the AMD chip that will be better overall! 

Unfortunately, I believe it only comes in Black or White. Which the white looks really good! or if you want to you can paint the case green 

BitFenix also sells a side panel window standalone, but I don't how much you would be able to see

thats perfect! i would love it in white! could you do a build with that case for me? Priced between 500-700$

with the AMD and the micro atx size motherboard.

Sure but I expect you to make a build log of it!


whats a build log?


Here is the build:

*You may notice there is aftermarket heatsink. I opted to use that money for a bottom mounted 230mm fan exhaust which will make everything alot cooler

PCPartPicker didn't have that case up yet (its very new) so here is the link to Newegg:

You take pictures of your build and your progress building your PC and share it with everyone on a forum like teksyndicate. Every computer build from ghetto built to extreme systems   50$ over before MIR's so soz about that but that is a solid ass system!