Kill all wine process

What’s a good way to ensure killing all wine processes in terminal?

Sometimes wine steals my mouse so I need to know a terminal command to stop all wine activity on system.

I tried a couple of wineserver commands and none of them were able to stop wine from running. if they’re our separate commands for proton I’d like them as well.

As an exercise of complexity, here’s what I tried doing through the ugliest method I could think of, besides just using grep and tr twice.

kill -9 {$(ps -ef | awk '/wine/ {print $2}' | grep -v awk | tr '\n' ',' | sed 's/,$//')}

Easier way?

pkill wine

Assuming that wine is the name of the process. Keep in mind Linux is case sensitive. I haven’t used WINE in 10+ years and even when I did, I didn’t use it for a long time.

This post (mine) deserves to be in the mental illness thread.

Those didn’t work but

killall lutris-wrapper: Heroic Game Launcher

Did work.

killall Grim Dawn.exe

Did not work.

killall steam

also worked. Had to learn a couple other terminal commands

ps -A

to list processes and Ctrl+Shift+UpArrow to find what needs to be killed in particular situation.

Thanks anyway, glad I know this now.

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Yeah, killall is not a command found in all distros, so I didn’t include it.

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killall -9 wine

i think its either kill -9 [pid] or killall [name]

ill include my contributions while at it :
(run as root )

pgrep -i '(.*\.(exe|dll|msi|bat|com|lnk)$)|(.*(wine|proton).*))' |xargs -n1 kill -9

Yes, but really you need

ps -A

Then shift+arrowup to find what needs to be killed. You can’t expect that you’ll know the name of the process that locks up on you.