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Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona Electric


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I need that torque curve and noise that an engine provides.[/quote]

The torque curve is what makes fossils suck and get destroyed in the traffic light GP!

Also the silent ninja mode is another benefit, once you get used to it all fossil cars sound like some old man coughing and spluttering. It’s most hilarious at the traffic lights when you effortlessly and silently pull away while the dinosaur next to you is screaming and straining to get moving and still falling behind.


Oh, I’m not saying they’re faster, just saying they’re more fun.

You don’t strike me as an adrenaline junky.

I’ve been in a model S P100D. Not fun compared to proper “dinosaurs”

You can improve efficiency, but you can’t kill the spirit of driving, and that’s where I don’t think we’ll ever see eye to eye.

I want to do massive loud obnoxious burnouts in a RWD car

There are very few RWD electics on the road, let alone RWD electics that will allow you to spin the tires.


Actually many EVs can easily spin the tyres. My Leaf could, the Kona definitely can. It’s that instant torque - the Leaf actually held back, it would limit you to about 70% power until it reached about 25 kph, but even so.


Spin tires, sure, but then all the electronic nannies kick in and ruin all the fun.


In the Leaf you can turn the traction control stuff off, and I see to recall one of the Kona reviews trying that out too.


The Annoying thing about EV’s is that most of them are not allowed to tow a trailer.
Except for the Mitsubitisi outlander phev.


What’s a phev? It sounds like a racial slur.


idk thats how Mitsubitsi calls their EV´s.


Still would get a tesla because the tech inside of it and the way overbuilt build quality just saying…

That and I dont trust Kia or Hyundai… Fleet literally wont get any vehicles from them… auto trannies and cvts have been junk and go out way early… but IDK maybe their EVs are okay?


We got a ton of Hyundai ioniq and Kia souls on the road here, they have a good track record.


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Basically a hybrid where you can charge the battery from the wall as well as by driving it. They are a stop gap really, with all the down-sides of a fossil (complex, high maintenance, polluting) and few of the EV benefits.


LOL really? Teslas are notoriously unreliable, consistently being ranked near the bottom in every survey. And they cost an absolute fortune to fix, especially out of warranty.

On the other hand both Hyundai and Kia give you long warranties. Kia is 8 years. They give you a better battery warranty on their EVs too. They consistently come high up for reliability, rivalling Japanese cars.


Because the only measure has really been the model S which was meant to be a luxury electric car so in comparison to luxury vehicles its about where I expect it to land …

The model 3 is probably going to be a lot better once the kinks are worked out lol

Battery warranties are moot… all the manufacturers they all know exactly when they will fail … they know exactly where to place it to avoid replacing the battery haha… everyone does this. They all evil :grin:


When you have to replace the motor 4 times in 80k miles, it makes a rotary start to look reliable.

When your door handle fails twice in that time, tell me that’s not “unexpected”

When the touch screen starts leaking toxic fluid, tell me that’s not a problem.


My biggest issue with going off all these is… that you’ve also got the other end of the spectrum of perfectly fine working reliable Tesla’s… like no offense this just sounds like more car shit talk just like the Ford can Chevy guys :joy:… like yeah it happened… does it mean every Tesla is gonna ooze toxic goo… no that’s unlikely or it would be much more prevalent on the news haha


All of these are what’s considered “common things you should expect to repair on your tesla”

There’s more, but I didn’t want to include things that could be construed as what you construed it as.


Well shit I didn’t actually know they were that bad. Not that I care to much I love my internal combustion engines too much… the roar of a V8 . Nothing like it… :grin:


I’m not saying tesla is shit, they make pretty cool cars. I’m just saying don’t expect to not need to load it on a flatbed a couple times in its lifetime.


The Model 3 is a fine car, but I think the Short Range $35k version will be cancelled. It’s way over-priced for the spec now. By the time you brought it up to Niro/Kona spec it’s $15k more expensive.

The other thing is that the boot (er… trunk in American) opening is very small on the Model 3. You can’t get much in there. The compact SUV shape is much more practical than the Model 3’s sedan style.

They will stick to just making the more expensive higher performance models I think.


I agree completely. I’m frustrated by even my E350 Coupe’s trunk accessibility. It’s great for Golf clubs and dead bodies other stuff that’s not cuboid in nature, but when you start getting cubes that are large, it easily starts becoming difficult to put things in it.

I really think that’s teslas target market anyways. If they really appeal to people who have 50k or more to spend, and I don’t blame them. It’s where the bigger profits are. It also allows them to make a better, all around car.

I like their attempt at an affordable yet quick car, but I think the model 3 fell short in a number of areas, trunk accessibility included. (I’m also not a fan of a lack of driver-centric dashboard)