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Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona Electric


Well thats what I’m saying. Hers is firm. Almost as firm as my Si but also bouncy. Not a good quality in a taller vehicle prone to rolling like a jeep.


All regular gas here is E10 too. There’s a big difference between that and Premium.


We might have e10, I really don’t know. I had to move off 87 when I cranked up the timing on the miata. Totes worth tho. Makes probably 135hp NA with only stronger coils.


Ah, the one I drove was pretty soft. Felt like a 90s buick, but a slight bit more bouncy.


Yes, my mistake, it has a resistive heater for the cabin, not the battery. The rest of the world gets a heat pump for the cabin and active battery warming.

Bjorn tested it without warming the battery and some other people did tests with a OBD-II dongle. Basically it limits charge rate to about 25kW until the battery reaches at least 5C, so in very cold weather you may charge at only about 80-90 MPH at first. You can mitigate that by driving a decent distance first; Bjorn had to test in the morning after it had spent the night cooling down in sub-zero temperatures.

As for why heat pumps are more efficient than resistive heaters… Well clearly resistive heaters are not that efficient, otherwise incandescent bulbs would not provide any light. Heat pumps use the Peltier effect and use much less energy to transfer the same amount of heat, not least because they are not converting electrical energy into heat, they are transferring heat from one place to another.


Its like we drove completely different vehicles. Maybe there was a sport package?

EDIT: Deleted because fuck it.

I look forward to kia/hyundais electric offerings. They might just be affordable enough to really go mass market.


Maybe. I’m definitely getting the same feeling. :confused: That said, It’s been 4ish years since he had it, so my memory may be foggy. You’d think I’d be somewhere in the ballpark though.


This is the beauty of it for me. I don’t want to pay $50k for an electric equivalent of a $30k car.


To me its like 50k for 20k in most cases. Theres just no way I’m going to take a hit in time to refill, overall quality, while also paying more. Manufacturers can pick 2 and I can live with that.


Yeah, that’s fair. I do consider the lack of maintenance costs though. They pretty much just go, these electric doohickys.


I think its not as low as you might think. Initially it would be but parts will break and seeing as you wont be able to just replace one part in a working machine you’ll have to replace entire assemblies. Maybe given enough time there will be parts and knowledge to replace a single phase of a motor or a fet on a drive but for now you’ll just have to hope youre under warranty.

You probably already seen this dude but its an interesting take on the current EV climate. Granted its a tesla and cheaper cars should be cheaper, but I dont think its insignificant.


Yeah, I get that it’s a problem, but I’m curious if the tesla motors and packs are indicative of the average failure rate of all EV core components.

It seems like they’re having longevity issues there and if that’s only a tesla thing, they need to get their shit together. If it’s an industry thing, I’m not buying an EV for another 5-10 years at least, or until they become reliable.


There are of course some issues that are tesla specific but I doubt they did all the R&D on the motors and drives themselves. Its likely another company that was given specs and designed to meet the need for them.

Reliability is yet to be determined, but one part that most people think is an issue would be the battery. If most EV manufacturers follow the tesla model and only charge to 80~85% then thats almost a non issue.

I wish manufacturers would implement that ability natively to phones and laptops. Charging a lithium cell to 80% of its capacity is like 30% of the wear of charging to 100%. We could get a decade out of them instead of 2 years. I assume with kia/hyundais battery warranty this will be the case.


Sounds to me like the motors are equally problematic. Lots of them were replaced 3 or 4 times over an 80k period. That shit makes a wankel sound reliable.


The first gen motors on them were pretty problematic, much more so than batteries. Its hard to gauge issues when you have a higher performance situation like a tesla. You have a lot of load and they sure arent light cars. That could be part of their issue.

Its hard to say if they will become more reliable or if they will go the way of the cell phone and become throw away appliances.


EVs are still more expensive than ICE to buy, although depending on for mileage they could be cheaper in the long run.

But some of us just prefer them. The performance, the comfort, the smoothness, the lack of emissions.


I have been looking into an Hybrid an Honda Insight.
But after some compairissons and looking at the pro’s and con’s,
i didnt really find it all that attractive tbh.
I mean the combined millege was like 750km, expensive battery packs.
Next to that the extra weight, and not allowed to tow any trailer.
I pretty much only came to a conclusion that there are more con´s then pro´s with that.
And the same pretty much counts for the Prius and allot of other mid sized hatchbacks or familiy hybrid cars a like.
And also manny EV’s probablly…

But to get back on topic:

The Hyundai Kona is pretty cool.
Not sure wenn Kia is comming with their Electric Stonic.
Or an Electric Kia Stinger would also be cool though.


I don’t really care about emissions, but I feel like they’d be fun to try. That’s really my thing. If I’m lowering my “carbon footprint” by doing it, hey, even better.

The thing is that I’m very conscious of what others think of me, so I need a good looking ev. The kona is pretty much the only one I like so far, in my search.


EVs are really great to drive. Once you go EV you never want to go back to a fossil. Instant torque never gets old.


I’ve driven an EV before and while it’s nice, it didn’t quite feel right.

I need that torque curve and noise that an engine provides. Also, manual transmission master race.