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Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona Electric


No, I got what you were saying, I meant leaving it plugged in to keep some heat in them. It would mean charging during work tho.


Oh, I gotcha. Yeah, that could do it. Or just park it in a garage and you might be better.


No battery heating?

That won’t be fun in my area. I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad if it’s not used for road trips.


I suppose you could get a block heater and stick it on the pack :thinking:


The other option would be to try to retrofit the factory heater from the EU models on it. They took it off for sale in NA. Presumably to save cash.


My 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid has a ginormous 1.6kWh battery. I’ve calculated the range as being about 5 miles. OTOH, I have >600 miles of range on a full tank. It must make great use of that tiny battery…


Keep in mind that I get 18mpg city and 25mpg highway in this thing… It’s a luxury car, not a fuel efficient one.

With The 18gal tank, filling up premium in CA is not fun. 3.69 last week.


Speaking of fuel efficient…

That’s a little atypical, but the mpg is quite nice. I would’ve preferred electric but the charging infrastructure is lacking here.


Haha that’s insane.

I’m used to sub-30. In fact, in my entire extended family, there isn’t a single car that gets over 35mpg.


I’m happy to get the 26 im getting in the honda. Granted I have a very heavy foot. It should get closer to 30.

My TDI never got anything below 45 no matter how heavy my foot was. Suck that prius.


With a light foot, I can get almost 20 city in the Benz, but my region is all hills, so anything past that is impossible.


Kia is usually typecast as a barebones budget manufacturer, but this Optima does a nice imitation of a luxury car. Ventilated/heated leather seats, panoromic sunroof, 4-way lumbar support, heated steering wheel, plenty of leg/headroom, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, etc. But it doesn’t have that sweet Mercedes logo. :frowning:


I know. I had considered a Kia, and test drove them. My point was that my Benz is a classic luxury car. 4200lbs, 9in rears, (relatively) high displacement NA engine.

Honeslty, the only reason I bought it was because I paid under 25k for it, all in.


I almost traded my honda recently for an equus. You want to talk low key luxury car. kia/hyundai have come so far from the shitboxes they used to be.


I’d say the genesis line is damn good. Test drove one a while back. If I had just a little bit more cash I’d have probably bought that thing.


Getting a bit OT though, let’s bring it back to EV or go to the automotive megathread.


Well the equus deprciated harder than a BMW. It’s one hell of a deal in the used space.


I can’t wait to see them on the roads! My lease is up in February and I’m considering the upgrade.

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I saw the Kona was only 200hp but almost 300 ftlb. It’s no Tesla but it would still snap necks.


Yeah, the kona is a no-brainer in uk/EU, but in the US, it’s got some critical problems.