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PART 1: The Unboxening (980 Ti HOF)


Part 2: The Build, SLI and Benchmarks


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Build Log: X99 SLI 980 TI HOF Build Log

In this video, we’re going to put together a lot of components we’ve reviewed previously into a beastly gaming rig. You can, of course, swap out components to suit your needs and preferences.

Be sure to check out the review of the 980TI HOF individually here:


For the rest of the build:



It’s 39 inches of glorious 3840x2160 and has HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2. The only thing that would make this display better would be if it supported FreeSync; rumor has it one such revision is on the way.



This is a really nice X99 motherboard from ASRock with a lot of I/O and, of course, 10 gigabit Ethernet.

CPU Cooler:


Power Supply:



We’re going to be using that with Crucial DDR4 2133, a Plextor M.2 SSD and of course, our SLI graphics solution:

The KFA2 980 Ti HOF edition graphics cards:

http://galax.net/KFA2/980ti_hof.html?referral=teksyndicate http://www.amazon.com/GALAX-NVIDIA-GEFORCE-GTX-HOF/dp/B011WGMZMQ/?&tag=teksynd-20

Our review is in Part 1, Above.

NOTE: “Real” DirectX12 drivers just came out – we decided to move these to a separate video. Thanks!

Question: For the becnhmarks, is this kind of format okay? Is it clear that the green line represents where in the benchmark that fraps was doing its screen recording?

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Yes! a 1080p surround gaming setup'd be interesting, it's pretty much exactly what I'm aiming to do myself - been wondering how well a 980Ti'd hold up in that setup, well, more a 980.

So, when does the Wendell Nerdgasm channel start?

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@wendell How does the korean monitor beat the phillips? I have an order for the phillips 40" and now I'm wondering if I should cancel it.

All I can see is Wendell in an AA meeting talking about 4K addictions.
Oh and a mighty fine system.

Great video wendell thanks. ☺

Gamer's nexus has some Fury X crossfire stuff up

It's really not worth spending money on until maybe after AMD unlocks overclocking on the cards, assuming it's a driver limitation.

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Hmm I've been debating a setup like this for days now. I'm having a real hard time deciding between this monitor or the Acer Predator 144hz. Asus is also coming out with a 34" 4k monitor very soon that will be IPS and not VA like this one. Either way two over clocked TIs or Titans seems like the proper way to do 4k at the moment. My quest for immersive gaming continues haha.

I would really like to see side-by-side comparison review with Philips and AMH, because this is actually third time AMH wins compared to Philips, but it was never really described why, only some tiny bit of information. I think trend of 4k gaming on the 40" monitors and TVs is really coming on the scene, but materials and opportunities to have two or more different models and see some review/comparison of them is pretty much rare..

Was there any coil whine?

None that I could detect.

You can already overclock them.
Though they don't overclock very well it seems, as they seem to have been designed to run at a much lower clock to begin with.
at 800mhz the Fiji seems to have a great performance/watt.

i have watched tons of benchmark video´s and charts.
And in my opinnion, the 980Ti realy looks the better card over the Fury X to me atm.
Hopefully AMD can do something with their drivers, for better performance.


Ment more in the vain of this article, though it may or may not be real

Maybe they're planning to release some drivers with the fury nano

So I have a single gtx980 from zotac. Right now everything in my system is air cooled with stock fans and heat sink. What I'm wondering is if I go buy a second gtx980 will I need better cooling? I really don't want to overclock anything if I don't have to in order to reach 60fps at 4k. But from this video it seems like I'm just not ready to start thinking about 4k gaming. I game on a 42in 1080p, but since I got my gtx980 I'm getting nerdBone for a new monitor. With a single card it might be best to just wait for an excellent Gsync monitor rather than make my system break a sweat trying to do 4k near 60fps.

I'd just grab a QX2710 and call it a day.

Also, I have the Lucifer cool. It's nice. I really don't think most people will have an issue with ram clearance, it'll be a pain in the ass if you have to change the ram though. My Experience is that it will sit over the ram.

Thats not a bad monitor and don't get me wrong I'm no size queen, but the 40in 4k display really caught my eye because previously I was looking at 4k tv's since monitors had yet to meet their size. At least until I saw this Korean monitor. I'm willing to pay a pretty penny for exactly what I want so what I'm curious about are the kind of bench marks a single gtx980 can produce on this monitor without any over clocking and what kind of temp increase to expect from a second card.