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Keys on keyboard messed up

whenever I press the i, k, or m, keys they do this


What’s wrong with them

Laptop or desktop?
Have you tried just… replacing the keyboard?

Razer blackwidow chroma

Your keyboard seems to have an affinity for Bruce Campbell’s reading of the Necronomicon. 8)

I had a similar issue with an old Steelseries Apex and it was because it needed a cleaning. Looked fine on the outside but truly needed to be taken apart and “emptied”.

I could have made another dog and fed it for a year. Kidding! It was dirty though and must have been bridging a circuit or something.

The I, K and M keys are all in one row basically. My hunch is that it’s not a regional setting issue or some of the other settings issues but rather moisture or detritus lurking under those keys. If cleaning doesn’t help, there are tons of tutorials on how to check and reset the necessary settings.

Of course, before doing any of this, if you can plug it into another system first to try out and it works fine, then it must be a settings issue and not just dirt.



I cleaned it immediately after getting it in the mail since I shipped it up here because I moved, that is when the problem started to begin with, since then I have taken the key caps off and blew into them like a stinkin gameboy cartridge cus that’s all I could think of to do, doesn’t really help lol. It’s been like this for 2 months now.

If it was moisture, it would be dry by now unless there is residue left over. I’m assuming you’ve plugged it into another device to test it?

You can always search online for “random characters on key press” or similar to find the many example fixes in Windows. Mainly 10 and 7. You’ve probably done this by now though?

Good luck and don’t give yourself an aneurysm if you decide to blow it out again. :wink:

Yeah I looked it up when it first started happening, best guess is it got damaged when shipped up here, that should’ve been the first thing I thought so I could’ve used the insurance on it to get a new one which is what I’m going to do now anyway I guess.

I, K, and M are all in the same column, and each of those samples all come from the same row. First one is all from the “I” row, second is from the “K” row, etc. The keys on a keyboard are all wired in a grid (aka matrix), so this problem is definitely related to the keymatrix.

Have you tried taking the pcb out of the case? There might be some stuff underneath, or nestled in with the cables. Or there might be a little baby hairline crack in the PCB—you sent it by snail mail, right? Those mailmen like it rough.

Disassembly doesn’t look too hard:

Hope you figure it out!

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