Keycaps for corsair keyboard (UK)

Hey guys, don't post much on these fourms but maybe you can help me out here. I currently have a Corsair Vengence K70 (old blue led MX blue version). I am currently hoping to replace all the key caps with PBT keycaps but am struggleing to find any keycap sets that support corsair's non-standard bottom row. Do you guys know of any one who is selling keycaps like this or any good service for getting custom keycaps? (I know vortex are about to start selling key caps for this keyboard but they are transparent and ABS)


You can buy extras from Signature Plastics website I got an ISO enter key there.

There is also




Max keyboards

Have a read through these but some are out of date.

Wasd Keyboards Only ABS and you will need extras.

UK Keycaps



And the usual trading on DeskThority

And geekhack... you can go there yourself.

The problem is though, and you all ready know this, that layout, both ISO and Corsair. Like trying to find rocking horse shit. You are pretty much going to have to piece it together.

Okay I am sure there is more but I cannot think of them at the moment.

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Noticed this on mass drop, forgive me for not understanding the mass drop system but am I right in saying that once this gets to 200 votes (if it gets to 200 votes) all that happens is they send a request off to some plastic keycap making company?

Yes but even getting to 200 regardless of what massdrop says in no guarantee that it will actually happen. And looking at it there is no product here, just someone who want this to be a product. Usually you link an existing product and they contact the company that makes it and see if they can make a deal. Would be nice to see it happen though.

EDIT: I bought these before using them right now. While they are blank they comes with extra keys and sizes and would have what you need. Unfortunately you options are limited. If it comes to the worst ask people on if they know of any sets or groups of compatible caps that would fit a corsair layout. It has been done before.

Are you sure thoes keys on mass drop you linked are compatable? it says 6.25u or 7u spacebars are provided, the k70 (from what I understand) has a 6.5u spacebar, or does it provide shrunk alt keys to compensate for this slightly larger spacebar?

I ordered 2 sets for what I wanted and they has 117 caps in it and three space bars all different sizes. but I did put this on a 88 key TKL so I had a lot left over. There should be enough though, but it is definitely worth looking into. Either way they are currently not available. I can check the sizes if you know which you need ans see if the set has them.

Edit: Ah yeah I see. 7u 6.25u and 6u spaces. Damn sorry man. and the 1.5s for the Ctrls are missing too.

This is a solution of sorts but it is a bit drastic and not sure if you will like how it looks. 6.25 -> 6.5 mod

There is also this, but it aint cheap

More hard modding the space bar, but a little less drastic than the last one.

Then all you would need is 2 1.5u Ctrl keys for either side. The whole bottom row left to right is:
1.5 - 1 - 1.25 - 6.5 - 1.25 - 1 - 1 - 1.5 (Ctrl, Win, Alt, Space, AlrGr, Win, Mouse, Ctrl)

Okay that is all I can dig up for now. Hope it helps a little anyway.

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