Im trying to find a good keyboard that would be proficient in gaming and would help me type faster for school work. I dont have a price range but try to keep under 200. If you want include a good mouse for gaming too.

I would go with either the ducky shine or the corsair k70 with cherry mx blue switches. Blues are the clicky switches that are great for typing. In terms of gaming mice, the razer deathadder is a solid choice.

Please link me a ducky shine and i heard Razer products doesnt last as long as corsair items?

For a mouse I'd recommend either or

Can't tell you too much about the Zowie FK but it is praised by many and is a simple optical mouse with no accel, corner snapping or any other bullshit and kept very simple. The G400s on the other hand is a personal recommendation from me as I have it and it works perfectly. The only down side is the software to adjust it. It works fine and all but very regularly it crashes with a NVIDIA notification... very strange. You can start it back up right away so it doesn't bother me too much but maybe I'll look into it soon.

As for keyboards: either with reds or blues (depends if you lean more towards typing experience or gaming experience) which I will buy next week with reds. If you want a budget mechanical keyboard you can go with the which comes with blacks or reds. This is my current keyboard which I have owned for a bit over a year now. Unfortunately I spilled some coke on it and managed to clean it but now a few months later it stops responding to some commands. The markings on the keys also wear off after extended use but otherwise it is very well made, compact and the price is more than favorable.

I can vouch for the G400S as I personally love alot better than my old Roccat Kova+. But have you looked at some Cooler Master keyboards?