Keyboard suggestion please

My IBM Model M2 died a few days ago, that was a sad day *(no, its not the capacitor, I actually had to replace those once... that time it's the plastic circuit thing that had aged very poorly, corrosion and stuff, as a result some key stopped working... it was a disaster, I loved this keyboard so much)

anyway, I need a replacement, as I'm using a old ass membrane keyboard that can't register more than 2 key press... it's pretty shit....


so, I'd like a mechanical one, I'm gonna mostly use it to type paper for college, code some PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. and of course gaming.

I don't really have that much money now, but... I'm just shopping, i'm saving up a bit so I can get a new one. what type of switches you recommend me, I like them clicky, so I guess by default it'll be MX blues, but I'm open to other type.

as for aesthetic... I don't care, the most bland, I don't care for all those macro keys nor that I care for backlit one.

cheaper the better, but must not fell cheap... let's say I ready to pay ~70$ maybe 80$


-thank you 

You can easily find CM Storm ones for your price. They are basic like you want and pretty decent build quality. Finding a CM Storm with blues wont be a problem at all.

I am a huge fan of the cooler master keyboards myself, I own the quickfire xt in blues. If you don't need a num pad i found this on ncix on sale.

If you want to spend less look on craigslist you can find some great stuff for really cheap.

eg. IBM model m for $20 i found for my buddy a couple of months ago 

If you don't mind buying directly from owners through paypal, Reddit has a "mechmarket" dedicated to the exchange of tender for mechanical keyboards.

It's very common to find boards that go for a lot cheaper than what you're asking. If you're lucky, you might find one very lightly used or even new for the price you're looking for.

Lenovo Preferred Pro - cheap, has a standard layout, is a pretty close feel to the model m (I know cause I have both). Yeah its rubber dome but damn if it aint the best non-mechanical feel Ive ever felt. >> yep $18

review >>

Failing that hunt around in junkyards and yard sales for model-m's or old honeywells. I think its criminal what is being charged for mechanical keyboards these days.

Mechanical and $15 bucks