Keyboard, Sound card, and PSU

So lets start with the keyboard. I have been looking around at a nice gaming one, and think the MS Sidewinder X4 looks pretty damn good. Then again I am using a $10 keyboard now, so just about anything would be better. :D I have heard a lot about mechanical keyboards and wondered if anyone here has used them? I don't want to spend 100+ to get a mechanical one but I hear they are just about perfect to do any sort of typing or gaming with.

As for sound card, I have been looking at getting the ASUS Zonar DG. I have seen a lot of positive reviews of it but wonder if for $30 if it provides the quality that I should get. I currently run a good set of Logitech 5.1 speakers and have used onbaord audio since I had them but I think after really listening to speakers, that the quality coming out is not as good as it should be.

Lastly is PSU. As per Logan's recommendation, I think I will go with the XFX, but with my build can I get away with 550W or should I go ahead and do 650? FYI, I won't be overclocking.

I've used mechanical keyboards once and they do feel nice, however, due to the keys having springs under them, you'll hear a lot louder clicking when you type. I'd get the Sidewinder to be honest, I'm getting one for my personal build.

As fas as sound card, I have an Asus Zonar DS ordered which is a 7.1 channel quality card instead of the 5.1 that the DG offers.

And lastly, you should be fien with 550W, you should get 650W if you upgrade to a 7950 or 7970.

Is the DG a good one to go with still or does the DS offer much better sound quality? I was also leaning towards the Sidewinder myself. Are you going for x4 or x6? I used a IBM Model M many years ago, and while it was awesome to type on, the noise was pretty bad.

The DG is a very solid choice. Having the DS however, the difference is that if your speakers or headphones use 7.1 technology, you can use your sound card to get that quality instead of having to buy a certain device like Astro's and their Mixamps. If you're getting the sidewinder, get the X4 since it's the more "gaming" oriented one of the two. Works well with everything and is cheaper.

I would recommend if you are going mechanical, which is a must for enthusiast gamers, go with the CoolerMaster Storm QuickFire TK Blue or Red switches. Still, if you want to go standard I have a Logitech G510 lying around, which is an amazing standard keyboard. I will sell it to you for $60-$50 if you are interested.