Keyboard Recommendations


I was just wondering I might get the Steelseries 7G keyboard which is a mechanical keyboard, but then I heard people talking about how good the Sidewinder x4 (Which I had been considering before) is. I was wondering, do you guys have any reason (apart from the price) that I should get the Sidewinder instead of the 7G?

Not quite on the topic, but if you haven't used a mechanical keyboard before I'd reccomend trying it before you buy one, I used my friends one for a while once and I hated it.

Of course if you've used one and liked it, just ignore me.

Hm, I was pretty sure this was the right topic

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Well thanks for the answer I'll just need to try it then :)

Some people have said that the keys on the Sidewinder are very close together. But that is probably just them.