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Keyboard recommendations

Hello everyone,
I’m not the best when it comes to this shit so be gentle <3

I’m looking at buying a new keyboard as my current ones dodgy as fuck.
Was looking for a keyboard that follows these:

Full size keyboard, Linear switches (Red, Brown ect or equivalents), RGB (If none thats fine)

That’s about it, I was looking for something around $100-$110 AUD.

If anyone would have any recommendations please reply, thanks fellas.


Lots of stuff for that price, they have all just about co.e the same base level of quality.

Look at some RedDragon K553? I think? They have a few very similar model numbers.

Qisan or MagicForce also so some, I have their smaller 68 key one but they have a full size I have not used.

Cooler Master are making some nice ones, just be careful around the “mechanical feel” versus actual mechanical.

Glorious Gaming Race do really nice stuff but probably getting on the too expensive side now.

There are loads out there now. It is almost easier to find ones you like and then ask for peoples experiences with them but they are almost all decent and goes up from there.

Aukey is another name that might do some

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Yeah rightio mate,
That sounds good.
I’ll sus those boards out and see what they’re like, sounds good though cheers man.

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I’ve always wanted a ducky shine. Wonder if you can get them for cheaper around you.


As someone who used it for 2 years and gifted it to a friend, I can fully recommend Natec Genesis Thor 300.
They just released RGB version, but there is also the red switch version with white backlight. It’s super solid, the caps don’t wear out at all after 2 years, variaty of light programs and so on.
I can fully recommend it.

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Yeah mate, they’re around $300 here haha, they’re costy as all shit but certainly worth it.

And just as a heads up, liner switches are typically red or black, there are a few others though.

Browns are slightly tactile, have a bump in travel, but are in between linear and full tacktile. Just in case you don’t like that.

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Righto cheers,
I’ll have a look into it and see what they’re like. They sound good though, I’ll compare them to the other keyboards that have been recommended and see where I go from there. Cheers.

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Ah rightio mate,
That’s fine, I’m basically just looking for a switch that isn’t “clicky” I guess i could work it. Just so it isn’t as loud on microphone and in person, also just a preference.

Wow, damn alright.

I wouldn’t count out kailh switched keyboards either. To the uninitiated they will likely feel the same.

Yeah browns are not clicky just have a bump for letting you know the switch has been pressed.

You can also get orings for the underside of the caps to help quieten them more again.

And I don’t expect to find it in your price range but Cherry do make a “Silent Red” that are in boards off the shelf. They are really nice but expensive usually.

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Ah rightio mate, thanks for letting me know I’ll see what i can do for the time being. Thanks for your help though dude

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I feel sad I can’t recommend anything.

I really love the Cherry Blue keyswitches or the Model M buckling spring. The louder and clickier the better!


I would recommend it has some keys :wink:

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But think of how quiet it is without any keys at all.


That’s why my pick is K200 from Logitech, but incompatible with OPs requirements. I cannot stand microswitches. Like playing Atari game whole day without actual fun :wink:
I switched my joysticks to hallotrons and ccd’s, why would I want to go back to microswitches in keyboard? Never gonna catch kids in typing speed anyway, to late for that.

Yeah mate haha,
I liked the blue’s too but they’ve got really loud for me and my family. Also loud on mics on stream ect

Ah men, so sad i didn’t see this earlier…
I was picking between redragon k553 and k300. They were like 0.5€ apart… And i hate the “gaming” aesthetic of k300 a bit (lol, fps & stuff printed on keycaps…). but i like the square look a bit more…

Went for k553 because i found a bit more reviews. I’ll ask the shop if i can still switch them :slight_smile:

Edit: Was there any issues with Linux (media keys?) i don’t care really about rgb effects, but would like to have meda keys working :slight_smile:

Edit2: Yay, shop is willing to exchange them, but i’ll have to wait a day or two more… I noticed that k553 has no ISO enter, but k300 has. I prefer iso, so they were able to accommodate my picky ass. :slight_smile:

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I have no idea. I am not running any sort of Linux at all…
However all features of the keyboard are hardware based in the keyboard itself, so my guess is there shouldn’t be, since the functionality isn’t tied to a software, but don’t quote me on that…

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Thanks, i got a bit “scared” when i saw this on their www:

` Thor 300 RGB TKL forms a spectacular set together with dedicated software. With it, you will not only be able to calibrate the RGB backlight to your liking, but also set up profiles and macros. It allows you to take full control of your gaming keyboard just the way you like it.

And was afraid that they have some proprietary software magic :slight_smile: