Keyboard opinion and mic suggestions

Hey guyz. I wana ask 2 questions.
I am currently on a market for some new peripherals. So i have taken a look at a small mechanical keyboard - Rapoo V500.

So of course, the orange will go black or white or gray, it is easily removable, whatever. My fear is, that is freaking 50$ mechanical kbd. Have anybody used it, and is it better to get something like CM Storm Octane for that price?
My second question is can you point me in the right direction for a new mic? I am kind of not willing to spend tons of money on it, but i want it to be better than the cheap stuff i have right now. My main goal is to record without the laughter of the neighbor children playing on the playground in front of the building. I am not looking for anything professional. I am kind of looking at something that is good for around 50$. May be slightly more, but not willing to pay 150$ for mic.
Thanks in advance.

Personally I use the Corsair K65 and have no complaints whatsoever. As for a mic the modmic 4.0 is a good option however it doesn't play nice with a lot of on board mic inputs. Mine was quiet as hell before I bought a USB mic input for like £5. I don't have any experience with desk mics so cant give advice there sorry.

No opinion about the keyboard, but about the mic:

If you have a noisy environment, the modmic is a good alternative, as @TheRobDog says. Make sure to get the uni-directional.

I don't know what input issues you could have with the mic, though... It's a medium impedance mic, so your motherboard should not have an issue driving it. Maybe enable mic boost in Windows? Since it's a dynamic mic, it should be close to your mouth - it shouldn't be more than one or two centimeters from the corner of your mouth (a thumb's width).

One issue - it is not imported in my country in eastern europe. God dam it, my country... I wana spend my money and i can't find what i want...
Any other suggestions? Sorry...