Keyboard on Windows is totally borked

Something seriously wrong just happened out of nowhere. Was using computer as normal, nothing special. Keyboard input and left mouse button for Google chrome suddenly stopped working. Keyboard and left mouse button still worked outside of chrome. Went to take a nap; let computer go to sleep.

Woke up, woke computer, keyboard not working on login screen. On screen keyboard with mouse not working to get logged back in. Eventually decided to restart computer. Computer now is not POST beeping and screen will not progress past gigabyte Mobo screen.

Windows done borked itself.

CPU: FX-6300
Mobo: FXA-GA-(or something like that)-ugh… Know what, not really sure what it’s called. Gigabyte use too many numbers and letters in name. Big board. Lots of sata and pci lanes
Ram: Gskillz 1600 4x4 kit
GPU: rx 480 or whatever it’s called 8gb card
Win10 on SSD

Plz tell how to unbork ty
send coffee


I unplug my fancy keyboard and plug in cheap trash keyboard bought for three smackeroons at thrift shop and it works.

Try rebooting again with the fancy keyboard.

PS loved your mono description. + added ‘help desk’ tag, so people know you need help.

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@Goalkeeper It fails to post with gud keyboard

Good keyboard suddenly working again in Chrome. Will try another POST with this keyboard in a bit.

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Putting computer to sleep again caused problem to return. Pinned down some quirks of how problem works.

LEDs of main keyboard stay on when I put computer to sleep (not normal).
Left Mouse Button not working only happens with LED keyboard.
Plugging in old/cheap keyboard did not immediately fix problem. Had to take out and plug in several times before Windows registered input.

What the hell could cause something like this? Corruption of background service handling keyboard/mouse?

OK, whenever you make the system work again, try and test the SSD… This doesn’t really sound like a keyboard issue. It sounds more like OS or USB issue.

Have you tried a different usb port?

Sounds to me like your fancy pants keyboard has some sort of driver and/or software problem.

I would remove the software (if any) and driver, restart and then reinstall.

LED keyboard is a basic 1 color, simple plug and play design from Cooler Master. This model has no software.

Different USB port had no effect.

Still, it has a driver and since you are runing windows 10 it is quite possible that windows has decided to “update” your driver and doing so either broken the driver or installed wrong driver.
Of course it can be some other problem as well so I would run SFC /scannow as administrator from command line as well.

No file integrity issues.