Keyboard macros in linux WITHOUT need of software

I own a logitech 710+ and am slowly working on migrating to linux. One big pothole I’d like to conquer is getting my side keys ( g1-g6) to work just like I have them working in Windows 10. One press to g1 launches chrome browser, g2 = foobar2000 ( in linux foobarnix), etc.

Problem is this keyboard requires the stupid logitech gamer software for this to work easily and natively and I cannot get that software to work in linux as it’s not compatible per their site and the error message I get when trying to run it via " Wine windows program loader" right click option.

I’ve tried following directions from this guy on youtube starting from around the 2 minute mark onward…but no matter what it doesn’t work for me…nothing happens. the event key test command in terminal says my g1 key is the value of 9001e

I tried to “remap” the g1 key to basically act like I’m pressing the tilde key to launch chrome ( which the native Keyboard Shortcuts menu in Linux mint cinnamon does flawlessly), but nothing happens.

I saw someone talk about a software called sidewinderd with arch involving my exact keyboard ( i think on a github page), but I suck at compiling and cmake and all of that. I keep getting errors and really keep getting lost fast when trying that, but I’m willing to try more if someone can kind of walk me through me.

Otherwise, does anyone know of a keyboard…with 5 or 6 side keys on the left side…that DOESN’T require software in order to program those keys to do whatever I want in Linux? I’m almost willing to go back to rubber dome keyswitches if needs be.

Do what I do. Configure your keys to F13+ and tada. Burn that config in to the keyboard, never think about it again.

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maybe look at xdotool?

I think that counts as software?

Yeah, but his complaint is he cant run his RGB Gaming software so I figure a linux based alternative is OK.

I’m not sure why the shortcut thing didnt work though…

I feel like if it shows in showkey then it should work.

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What distro are you using for linux?

Can I do so with pressing one of the g1-g6 keys just once? That’s what I’m trying to accomplish…without software or at least with software that compatible with linux.

I honestly couldn’t care any less about RGB lighting as the keyboard’s lighting works at the hardware/firmware level with the two dedicated dimmer buttons above f11 and f12 keys.

I’ve never heard of showkey. I’ll try it alittle later.

Mint cinnamon 19.3

It may be a bit outdated, but give this guide a shot.

I was more joking about how everything is marketed as ‘Gaming RGB’. showkey just literally shows what linux is getting for inputs when you press a key.

I’m not good at compiling something ( aka " make" or “cmake” ing it) , but I"ll give that a try later this evening.

:smile: Yeah…it cracks me up all these people so ate up with having literally everything RGB… RGB underwear too? *looks at Linus from LMG. It wouldn’t surprise me if he starts selling RGB underwear " L T T STORE DOT COM! xP

You should be able to configure the keyboard to have the G keys go to F13 F14 etc etc and save it to the keyboard specifically. You can do the same with macro’s and lighting too. I do this with both razer and logitech products.

Yes, that sounds great and is one of the things I was trying to do, but how is the key. One would think the stock keyboard shortcuts app or menu built into your common debian-based distros would let you remap button combos, but alas, I have yet to find a stock keyboard shortcuts app that would do this

just follow along with the commands and it should work.

If you’re talking about the commands on that youtube link I posted, I already mentioned it doesn’t work for me and I 10x checked to ensure I was typing everything as that guy did.

Oh wait I misinterpreted. You’re already in linux. I thought you were in windows still.

Woops my bad.

Im referring to the guide that I posted

Ah sorry. I get lost in multiple-people convos easily some days. Thanks.