Keyboard Longevity?

Simply: how long does a keyboard typically last you?

I don't normally wear out keyboards, I usually replace them before they get close to dying. But the longest I've had a keyboard is about 7 years.

Wow, do you remember which keyboard?

I think it was some shitty rubber dome from the 90s, I also have a mechanical keyboard that survived since the 80s (I think it was used at Micron). 

Every keyboard I've ever owned still works.  I've never replaced a keyboard because of bad hardware, only because I wanted something different.  My current keyboard has been in constant use since 2006 for example, and mechanically, it still works perfectly.  The backlighting has pretty much gone to shit, but it still types as well as it did the day I bought it.  Hell, I've even got an old mechanical keyboard from like 1990 stashed away that still works, or at least it did the last time I dug out my AT to PS2 adapter.

Maybe I've just been lucky with keyboards.  I've had multiple mice fail on me though, so there's that lol.

I know that feeling, i had a "Logitech intellipoint keyboard" (ps2) for about 10 years and i just bought a usb keyboard for "anti ghosting" (lol).

My old Microsoft Natural Keyboard last for a decade, I replaced it with a Natural Multimedia Keyboard that I used for 7 years and only replaced it because I wanted a backlighted keyboard, it's still working fine in another PC.

I regret doing that, because this POS Razer keyboard I got to replace it is already breaking down, and I had it for just over a year. 

Also was a bitch to learn how to type in normal keyboards again after 15 years of using the natural setup. 

Ive never had a keyboard die, even the early wireless keyboard that I got from the dump still works, I just get sick of the hardware and replace it with something else. If you buy a half decent keyboard chances are you will never be FORCED to replace it.

Interesting. Typically, a keyboard will last me about 3 or 4 months, the longest lasting only a year. I'm not heavy handed and the majority of keyboards I use are of mediocre quality and rubber domed. I suppose I just type a lot.