Keyboard keep registering extra keystrokes

Well title says it all kinda, its a steelseries 6gv2.

I got it for free for helping a friend with something(not important) and lately its been acting up alot..


TEST PHRASE (no backspacing)
This problemmm with my keyboard has bbeen fffuucking with mme alot and its annoying as balls, almmost at the point of throwing it away.. As youu can see the repeating  of singlle letters and spaces are allllways the same. 

Please send help!

Check for spills. Remove some keys and clean, then see if it gets better.

almost 100% sure that it has never been spilled on.. Talked to my friend and I have never spilled on it either soo

Try a different port.  If that doesn't help, try it in safe mode.  If it works fine, then it's probably a software issue.  If the problem persists, then it's likely a mechanical/electrical problem with the keyboard it's self, in which case it just needs to be replaced.


If it has software with it  ... slow down the key timing

Same with different ports, Ill try the  safe  mode :Pthanks!