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Keyboard input gets stuck

sometimes, seemingly at random, i will let go of a key, but the VM will still act as if i am holding it. usually when holding a movement key in a game. it usually gets immediately fixed once i tap whatever key is stuck.
it also randomly drops keyboard inputs.

i have already ran tests and determined its not my keyboard failing. and i believe this to be looking-glass’s problem as passing a keyboard to the VM does not manifest this issue.

has anyone had a similar issue? is there any way to fix this? its extremely annoying and ruins the experience in most games.

Are you by any chance using PS/2 keyboard/mouse drivers only? Had a similar issue (mostly during in-game experience) and it seems to have been resolved by installing virtio keyboard/mouse drivers.

maybe. ive never messed with this VM’s keyboard drivers. can you link a guide to set this up properly?

Just add the Virto Keyboard device to your VM configuration, then in device manager you will see a device that needs a driver with the yellow exclamation mark. Install the driver for this device from the VirtIO drivers for windows ISO that redhat provide.

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