Keyboard for £80-100 max (aprox. $115-$150)

So, after my extremely successful search for a good mouse here, it's time for a new keyboard!
I've got an albeit smaller budget for the keyboard than I did for the mouse considering how much they tend to cost, but I'm not looking for as much as I was in the mouse. I could push the budget up by about £10 if it's absolutely necessary.

At the moment I'm looking at the Corsair K65 and CM QuickFire TK

Compulsory qualities:

  • Cherry MX switches
    • Brown or red preferably

Desirable qualities (more likely to be found if something's on sale per se, I'm in the UK if you can find any):

  • Tenkeyless (no number pad - barely use the one on the keyboard I'm using now)

  • Volume controls (a wheel of some sort would be nice, although buttons alike on the K65 would be fine)

  • Backlighting, preferably red or white. RGB for bonus points although I doubt at this price point it'd be feasible.

Those are great options. I don't see an issue with either.

The tenkeyless I'm getting soon is the Varmilo VA87M. You can probably find it in places other than massdrop (you have to wait like 3 weeks for shipping), but that is where I'm getting it.

Another 60% simple keyboard that looks amazing, but doesn't have the keypad or function keys, is the Leopold FC660M. They are commonly offered on massdrop as well. The stock for this is very low though.

Again, I still like both corsair and cooler master. So those are amazing options as well imo.

Well, a week later I still haven't sorted out a keyboard. I've found the KBT pure pro and am wondering if anyone's had any experience with it. There's also a non-backlit version here for £10 less. The Corsair K65 has gone down to £65 at PC world now though - weighing up whether I'd be willing to sacrifice an extra £15 for back lighting, and if I even want a profile that small is proving to be pretty damn hard. There really isn't much choice when it comes to keyboards is there? :/

I'm open to other suggestions >£80 now FYI. Could probably go as far as £100 if I can wait. The K65 is really tempting at the moment, although I'll have to wait for it to come back in stock at that price.

I like the QuickFire TK. I've had one for about a year now. It's the second Cooler Master mechanical keyboard I've had. The other one is the smaller QuickFire Rapid. It still works and I keep it as a back up. I missed having a number pad but I didn't want to lose the desk space that I gained by having a smaller keyboard. The QuickFire TK was the perfect compromise. It's about an inch wider than the Rapid.

keycool have some nice options avalible if you can source them but the coolermaster or the corsair are also decent. i have been hearing that the corair's leds have the habit of dying though, just thought id let you know

Guys less we forget this is TEKSYNDICATE!!! I cri ery tyme people over here forget.

WASD Keyboards! @Logan did a whole flippin video over the subject! I bought one and love it... blue switch man myself. Fully custom built keyboards starting at the types of switches then any key spacers, then onto key type, then color. After onto print font and style! A little on the high end but 100% worth it.

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Shipping to the UK costs another $50. We also have to pay 20% custom fee on top of the price.

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@Zavarrr I was just about to say the same. xD

FYI, I ordered the K65 this morning (non-RGB version). Couldn't help myself. I just wanted it done. I've been waiting on making this decision for a week now (lol).
Still, feel free to make other suggestions though - some other person might be in the same situation looking for a more budget orientated mechanical keyboard. Kinda gives a bit more credit to certain ones if people own them, come here and give good recommendation (or bad ones I suppose) and the like.
Your alternative motivation is to simply point out how something else would've been better solely to make me regret my decision. :P

Crikey that looks like a lot of words.

WASD keyboards are amazing. Sadly it is really expensive to buy and ship them to any country outside of the US :(

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