Keyboard "flickering"---> Y U hate me

Hi, guys. As I don't have enough time to scroll through every post ever made on keyboard issues, I'll just make this one and you can redirect me to an already existing one if you know of one.
So...basically my keyboard is flickering. The simplest way to explain this is, lets say I need to press shift for longer than 4-5 sec., I'll get the sticky key popup bullshishkebab because I've "pressed" the shift key 5 times by just holding my finger on it.... not cool man.
Now I know that Windows almost want's me to hate it, but this is no help when I, for instance, start typing passwords.
Hope you guy's know whats wrong because, if you don't, I'll be force to go to LTT forums, and i think neither one of us wan's me to do that.... ^_^'

I will webcrawl it for you this time.

But searching stuff on the web like these things should be basic skill ;)

Thanks for the reply but that doesn't solve my problem, because that by itself isn't the problem, but more like a byproduct of the problem. The problem is that no matter what key I press(and for the sake of the argument hold indefinitely) after a second or so it stops registering the key press and then starts registering it again, effectively making it look like I've pressed the key multiple times when I've been holding the key down for a while. I started thinking that the problem was with the keyboard but it's not since this doesn't happen when I plug in the keyboard to my laptop. Any new ideas??

hmm yeah OK, that is indeed a weird problem. it sounded like the weird pop up error. when you pressed shift 5 times. but it only does that on your desktop?

yes, but it doesn't do that just for the shift key but for every key

What keyboard you got? Tried other USB ports? Or PS/2?

I've had to send my Corsair K70 back due to key chatter , it's really annoying:-(

That's why I was asking about the board. But I don't think it would be a chatter problem since it sounds very consistent and on every key. Almost like there is a rapid fire/turbo mode set to repeat the key press every 0.X of a second.

Chatter is annoying but rarely if ever effects every switch on the board and it may not even be mechanical. Could be a faulty keyboard controller, or even some odd background program for what ever reason.

Come to think of it @Awk_WarD have you tried other keyboards with your PC and tried your keyboard with other PCs. That will narrow it right down very quick.

he said he used that same keyboard on a laptop and it didn't happen.

Sorry missed that completely. So it is local to their PC.

don't need to say sorry everyone sometimes misread stuff, but i just repeat it to inform you, but this issue being only local is weird. It's like there is a driver bug or USB ports aren't functioning like they should.