Keyboard Advice

I don't really need one right now. But this question is in regarded more in the distant future.

But does anyone know of any good gaming keyboards that have some sort of back light for the keys(no color preference as long as it is not purple and the keyboard is not from razor or logitech) and have black mechanical switches?

I have a friend who has a Steel-series 6gv2 keyboard that I really like the feel of and it has black switches but I don't really like how the F keys are set up with the media keys and I personally prefer my keys to have back lights. And I like blacks because I think reds are just way to soft for me.
Any info would be cool.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks man this actually helps a lot. :)

Ducky Shine keyboards are backlit and good

Gigabyte Aivia

or make yourself a custom one here

After my brief time with back light keyboards, I can wholeheartedly say fuck that shit.

I have never liked the idea of Back lights in keyboards, but out of frustration and impatience I bought a Corsair K95, the LEDs lasted 4 months. I should have stuck to my gut feeling and never have bothered. LEDs are just another potential point of failure.

Depending on your budget the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 is amazing  keyboard for $40 (always on sale) or even full price of $50 its still awesome. If money is no object and you want mechanical switches most of the keyboard from the top brands Corsair, Ducky, Das Keyboard, are all going to be pretty good. Personally I used a Sidewinder X4 for years before upgrading to a Corsair K70 w/ blue switches. Honestly I don't really like the K70 very much because the Cherry switches have ALOT of travel distance, and I have problems sometimes where I wont press a key perfectly straight down (like upper row keys where your finger usually comes in at an angle) and then because there is so much travel distance the key will bind up. I do like the clickyness of the keys and its a nice keyboard but its not $140 nice. I still have my X4 and thinking about selling the K70 and going back to it.