Kewldude007's Suitcase Gaming PC [BUILD LOG] [56K WARNING]

before you go any farther into this thread DO NOT ask why I built this
please read the entire OP, I will aim to answer all questions before they are asked

TL;DR: none for you, read the whole thread yah lazy bahstard


So one fine day at work my supervisor came up to me asking me if I wanted this

A case originally meant to haul around a projector and all its gear, he came by it because the person it belongs to no longer works where I do. And stuff like this just collects in my lab.

#Let’s put a PC in it


Just trying with some parts on how to go about this

Obviously I wanted this thing to close so a tower cooler and vertical GPU were NOT HAPPENING


Finally I settled on where to put the guts

hot-knifed hole for the PSU

hole for I/O (yes this pic was taken after the PC was built, deal with it)

#I am currently in the process of making a locking, protective cover for this

now to put the GPU somewhere…

Since I am so fortunate to work in a prototyping lab, I naturally have access to 3D printers

So I used Onshape (free online CAD) to adapt a bitcoin mining test bench I found on thingiverse

My printer is capable of embedding fiber some I threw some fiberglass in there (that off white stuff) the rest is proprietary Nylon 6 which is the only “filament” this printer can use


So naturally the next step was to acquire a GPU because the GTX 780 you saw pictured above had been sold off to a forum moderator because I had no use for it

That day also happened to be the launch day of the RX 480

so yeah I went and got a 8GB xfx at microcenter at lunch

#its starting to like a gaming PC now

Before I actually installed the bracket and 480 I had to make sure the card was stable, so I did an overnight burn in with Kombustor.

the next morning and 1.5 million frames later its still there

Now for the install
#STEP 1:
acquire 90 degree PCIe card

#STEP 2:
acquire the best PCIe bridge on the market because those grey ones amazon suck massive balls
##yeah that was a kick in the teeth, worth it however

I still have 100% reliability with this machine

misc thing related to the 480

6 pin is touching the RAM

Hole for HDMI hot-knifed through the case

if you guys were wondering where the HDD is…I stuffed it under the PSU

to turn it on and off I stole the power button out of my NZXT Source 210, scribbled some black marker so I know which is power and reset


@JokerProductions kek

to answer the question of why I built this…
@Atomic_Charge this is my get cracking submission


its not perfect


Why did you build this?

You brought this upon yourself. Also should have got a Nano.


Random reply to get notifications from this thread: achieved.


Nice work there.

Lol I knew this would be the first comment. If you hadnt said it I would have. And yes a nano would have been perfect

not with a 430 watt PSU

Was this before we talked about pizzabox PC's? :P


Oh its only 430 watts? I didnt even see that. Well, the build is impressive nonetheless

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Were you not on discord when we talked about those the other day? xP

I guess not

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I really loved the amount of work you did on this whole project. I remember when you started it. Did the idea sound crazy? yes but what an idea. You made it work and it turned out great.

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I'd have thought that would have been perfect for a 430W PSU. It doesn't suck that much power. 175W + 95W for the CPU, I'd have been surprised if you topped out at 300. Unless you're powering a ton of other stuff in your suitcase, it shouldn't have been a problem.

Though the Nano is still pretty pricey...

Love the build though :D

Because f*** it is cool and satisfactory to build something like that. Great job, love it!


Me wants.


It rubs the glory on its skin.


I LOVE luggables:)
Have you considered FOLD OUT multiple screens? Just a thoutht:)
This could be their comeback, a natural extension of the new portable cases.

Arther C Clark had one like this, wish I never got rid of mine. 8080 bases

Later came the 8088

This is the last Luggable I am aware of. The 386 based P70 from the IBM PS/2 line. After this they died out.
With Lan Parties I think they are due for a comeback. Awesome idea!


or else it gets the peasant oil again


In all honesty laptops are becoming very powerful

HAHA! EPIC Build!!!

Should totally throw that up for TSA to check out in the grope line... I wonder if they would have half a mind to know what it is.