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Kewldude007's 3D Printing Adventure: Crowdfunding TRINUS - The Affordable All-Metal 3D Printer



I bet it'll still chooch pretty good


Right up until the power supply it comes with lets the shmoo out.


Gonna try one of these with my 7700k so I can maybe make 5Ghz


hopefully your camera is in focus when you video that muzzle brake.


You should get into Blender, it supports 3d Printing too.


Bridging is on point


lovely overhangs

little droops on the bottom

noice threads

evidence I didnt use supports


printing adapter to fit it on a rifle now


Needs thicker walls


well not really, once I get the prusa



making a break out of inland magenta PETG

pics in the morning


I lied, pics now (juts finished)

bottom and upper half were at 235C

middle-ish half was 250C

idk, dont ask


This thread makes me want to get the heated bed for my Simple, but $140 is well on the way to getting a new printer with a heated bed already attached. Why have one printer when you could have two?


.... god I want a 3d printer so bad to make cyberpunk tat......

side note you ever use this stuff @kewldude007?




Flexible materials can be a serious pain if you aren't properly set up for it. Try pushing a wet noodle through a keyhole.


For when you print and want to post about it




You gonna fire this thing or what? Have you tested it?